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Always Keep An Open Mind

Who knows if Keynes really said the famous, perhaps apocryphal quote, “When the facts change, I change my mind. what do you do, sir?” Here’s another historical excerpt from the World Food Situation, House of Commons Debates, 31-MAY-1946: 1.43 p.m.  … Continue reading

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Handle Post

Only a few days in and I see there is already a letter in the delivery-reception-area of the haus.  I understand the desire for discretion, but I recommend the comments section for inquiries such as these.  Upon opening it, I … Continue reading

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Where To Bomb Syria

We’re, what, T minus a few days from bombing Syria because, (says FP – emphasis added): … in the hours after a horrific chemical attack east of Damascus, an official at the Syrian Ministry of Defense exchanged panicked phone calls … Continue reading

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All you Hollywood Producers and Directors scouring the reactionary blogosphere for hit-movie ideas have finally found your needle in the haystack. In a world where the press spins sensationalist stories in which NSA employee abuse various Signals Intelligence databases to … Continue reading

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Zero Class

Ah, but is the class half empty or half full? BBC

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The Syrian Operation

As Nick Land noted, my favorite geopolitical strategist, Edward Luttwak (stay tuned for a review of his new book, The Rise of China vs. the Logic of Strategy) wrote a brief opinion essay in Sunday’s New York Times concerning the … Continue reading

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Unz Undone

Ron Unz’s 6-year tenure as Publisher at The American Conservative has come to an end. Stay tuned for the official announcement and a characteristically thoughtful farewell letter, the length of which I suspect and hope will be no less than … Continue reading

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