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How Sunstein Explains Nothing

Try, if you can, if you dare, to make heads or tails of Cass Sunstein’s latest, “How the Alger Hiss Case Explains the Tea Party” 1. Alger Hiss was a super-elite figure from in New Deal America with an Ivy … Continue reading

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Five Point Plans Open Thread

Finally the weekend.  Well, Matthew Yglesias is on vacation, but before he departed he left us with his latest, “My five-point plan to fix all the economic problems is America“. As an aside, in the internet age, I’m never sure … Continue reading

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Hypothetical Nixon

Handle still finds himself with very limited time and net access as of late.  But he came across this story from the newspaper which brought you “Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?”: NSA monitored calls of 35 … Continue reading

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‘Outreach’ Open Thread

Rehashing the well-hashed hash.  But I’m in the mood for some more hash. Spandrell: The feasibility of neoreactionary outreach has been discussed a lot, and I stand firmly in the sceptic camp. HBD is toxic to a vast majority of … Continue reading

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How Not To Help

So, there’s been quite a stir over Kuznicki’s inaccurate take on Land (Nick’s response here). It’s unfortunate that Kuznicki, who is after all the editor of the Cato Unbound debate series, didn’t arrange for the kind of civil and cultured … Continue reading

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The Institute

Dr. Cochran has some fun with Eric Turkheimer’s race-iq nonsense from 6 years ago in support of anti ugly truth taboos for ‘ethical reasons’.  I thought Linda Gottfredson utterly dominated her intellectual adversaries at the Cato Unbound debate with characteristic … Continue reading

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Inaccessible Is Ungovernable

I sometimes use the term ‘accessible’ in the Microsoft sense. The mouthful version of ‘accessible’ is something like this:  To abstractly describe the character of a human interactive or processed experience when it is tailored to not exceed the limitations … Continue reading

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