Left Morality

As Auster used to say, Synchronicity!  I took this shot on the way home just two hours ago:

Left Morality Car Crop 4-OCT-2013

Let’s list the Progressive features here (this is the DC metro, after all):

  1. Human Rights Campaign (equal legal status for homosexuals, etc.)? check.
  2. Turn OFF FOX News? check.
  3. Both 2008 and 2012 Perm-Obama Campaign stickers? check.
  4. “Peace & Equality are Moral Values”.  check.

You can’t do better than 4. for a succinct summary of the Progressive religion.  They definitely don’t think they’re Nihilists.

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3 Responses to Left Morality

  1. peppermint says:

    A meaning it must have, or it would not be here.

  2. C. Y. Chen says:

    You forgot the fifth progressive feature, which would be the presence of all these stickers itself. Because, y’know, everyone has to know about how enlightened and accepting you are.

    It’s a shame that they couldn’t fit the “26.2” and “COEXIST” stickers on.

    • Handle says:

      The driver was not in 26.2 kind of shape. Or 13.1. Or 1.31 for that matter. I did see COEXIST on two other cars getting home, one version in the homosexual rainbow colors too.

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