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Feminism Is Dead

Good for Camille Paglia, who is apparently allowed to say what everybody knows without losing her job: … There’s a directness and a robustness about working-class men–a vitality and authenticity that is not coming across in these feminist books. The more … Continue reading

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy is Trayvon Benjamin Martin. I’ve read plenty lately about the 50th Anniversary of the martyrdom and assassination of JFK.  It all started with that ridiculous article in the NYT, which merely sought to counter the facts with … Continue reading

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1. Dr Cochran has some data on college majors at the Cathedral: Harvard [2009] is different. They had 758 kids majoring in economics, 495 in government, 306 in social studies, 290 in psychology, 247 in English, 236 in history, 158 … Continue reading

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A Decent Life For Decent People

(HT: EducationRealist) ER’s got some interesting thoughts on ‘school choice’, charters, vouchers, ‘accountability’, teachers unions, pensions, etc. with the bottom line that what is going left unsaid and unargued (because taboo) is what’s really driving this train. Charles Murray has … Continue reading

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Social Statics

Bleg for the crowd: Sources, Statistics and/or time-series Charts, preferably for as many nations as possible, and preferably disaggregated by ethnicity, income, education, etc. showing: Percentage of 18-year olds who were raised from birth by both both biological parents, who … Continue reading

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The Seattle Socialist

UPDATE: See Below: (HT: Dyspepsia Generation) it seems that the residents of Seattle have elected a ‘Socialist Alternative’ candidate, Kshama Sawant, defeating the incumbent for position 2 (of 9), and president of the council, the notorious reactionary Democrat Richard Conlin.  … Continue reading

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Brother Handl

I must apologize for my distant, adventuresome, and, alas, very naive Swedish relative Richard (our surname spellings differ for the common reason of the whim of some immigration official from long ago). Richard Handl said he had the radioactive elements … Continue reading

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American Apartheid Part 0

I’m working on a research project that, I hope, will one day turn into a series of posts, hence, ‘Part 0’.  But until then, this is good place to store some preview links for future reference: Foseti links to some … Continue reading

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The New Tax Collectors for the Welfare State

Reihan Salam’s got a brief post at NR, Social Injustice Between Those With and Without Children, that’s worth a little discussion.  It’s a theme pursued by Robert Stein in National Affairs (Taxes and the Family), and also on occasion by … Continue reading

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Stealing Secrets from the Public Trust, and Selling Them

I don’t know who Ellen Nakashima’s sources are, but they’re very, very well placed! U.S. weighs option to end dual leadership role at NSA, Cyber Command. How well placed? Officials said privately that the changes could help tamp the current … Continue reading

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