Reaction Ruckus

Goodness, what a lot of noise lately!   Everyone is trying to explain Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment.  A confusing mess if you ask me.  I’ll put my two cents in as well, eventually.

But I’ve been working and traveling a lot lately and it was a bit of an adventure following the conversation as it bounced around.  So I figured it would be a public service to make one convenient page with the links in chronological order to provide background and reference pages for those who haven’t been able to keep up with all the recent commotion. (Let me know if I’ve missed any and I’ll add them to the list):

  1. 23-APR-2007 to Now, Mencius Moldbug, Unqualified Reservations (Ebook versions)
  2. 30-NOV-2011, Midwest Ballad Review, “A full standard deviation better use of your time…” (HT: Candide)
  3. 02-JAN-2012, Nial Fossjet, “Unabashed internet reactionaries” (HT: Radish, Candide)
  4. 2012, Nick Land, “The Dark Enlightenment
  5. 19-FEB-2013, Peter A. Taylor, “A Gentle Introduction to Mencius Moldbug’s “A Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations”
  6. 03-MAR-2013, Scott Alexander, “Reactionary Philosophy In An Enormous, Planet-Sized Nutshell
  7. 10-APR-2012, Midwest Ballad Review, “Derbyshire’s firing is an ideological matter.
  8. 17-APR-2013, Nick Land, “Neoreaction (For Dummies)
  9. 21 to 24-APR-2013, Scharlach, “Visualizing the Dark Enlightenment, v. 1.5
  10. 07-MAY-2013, Nick B. Steves, “The Reactionary Consensus” (A series and permalink).
  11. 19-SEP-2013,  Michael Anissimov, “Neoreactionary Glossary
  12. 30-SEP-2013, Bryce LaLiberte ‘AnarchoPapist’, “What is Neoreaction” (Review soon)
  13. 10-OCT-2013, Midwest Ballad Review, “Reaction Reacts
  14. 16-OCT-2013, Kevin Roose, “The Government Shutdown Has Revealed Silicon Valley’s Dysfunction Fetish
  15. 17-OCT-2013, Jason Kuznicki, “Zombie Apocalypse or Marginal Revolution? Nick Land, Neo-Reactionaries, and the Heterotic Society
  16. 20-OCT-2013, Scott Alexander, “The Anti-Reactionary FAQ
  17. 21-OCT-2013, Kevin Roose, “Silicon Valley’s Secessionist Movement Is Growing” (see also Gawker)
  18. 23-OCT-2013, Jim Donald, “The Anti-Anti Reactionary FAQ” (Series, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, Sluts, War and Democide, anti^4)
  19. 24-OCT-2013, Scott Alexander, “Some preliminary responses to responses to the Anti-Reactionary FAQ
  20. 25-OCT-2013, Balaji Srinivasan, “Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Exit” (HT: Nydwracu) (Quasi-relevant)
  21. 29-OCT-2013, Scharlach, “The Motives of Social Policy
  22. 31-OCT-2013, Scott Alexander, “The Poor You Will Always Have With You
  23. 05-NOV-2013, Amos & Gromar, “Making Neoreaction Simple
  24. 22-NOV-2013, Tech Crunch, “Geeks For Monarchy
  25. 23-NOV-2013, Amos & Gromar, “How Not to Contain Neoreaction
  26. 24-NOV-2013, Khannea Suntzu, “Enter “CyberMonarchism”. This may actually be a good idea…
  27. 25-NOV-2013, Nick Land, “Quote Notes (#46)
  28. 26-NOV-2013, David Brin, ““Neo-Reactionaries” drop all pretense: End democracy and bring back lords!
  29. 26-NOV-2013, REDDIT, “Is there a substantial difference between the Anarcho-Capitalist and the Neoreactionary?
  30. 26-NOV-2013, Mark Tully, “Open Letter to Klint Finley
  31. 28-NOV-2013, Mencius Moldbug, “Mr. Jones is Rather Concerned
  32. 29-NOV-2013, Charlie Stross, “Trotskyite singularitarians for Monarchism! A political speculation.
  33. 30-NOV-2013, PleasureMan (My Posting Career), “Dark Enlightenment Meets Snark Enlightenment
  34. 01-DEC-2013, Scott Alexander, “Empire / Forest Fire
  35. 02-DEC-2013, Vocativ, “The Dark Enlightenment: The Creepy Internet Movement You’d Better Take Seriously
  36. 02-DEC-2013, Rick Searle, “Shedding Light on The Dark Enlightenment
  37. 04-DEC-2013, Nick Land, “Mission Creep
  38. 04-DEC-2013, Nick B. Steves, Vocativ / Matt Sigl NR Twitter Live Chat Roundup.
  39. 05-DEC-2013, PleasureMan, “Snark Enlightenment: You’d Better Fucking Take It Seriously
  40. 07-DEC-2013, PleasureMan, “Through an Enlightenment, Dorkly
  41. 09-DEC-2013, Matt Parot, “The “Dark Enlightenment” is New Right Lite™
  42. 02-JAN-2014, Michael Auslin, “America Needs a King
  43. 06-JAN-2014, Matt K. Lewis, “Why are U.S. conservatives so obsessed with monarchies?
  44. 06-JAN-2014, Rod Dreher, “Among the Neoreactionairies
  45. 06-JAN-2014, Noah Millman, “Monarchists, Neo-Reactionaries and Neo-Fascism
  46. 06-JAN-2014, Foseti, “Review of “Unqualified Reservations” part 1
  47. 07-JAN-2014, Ted Frier, “The Neo-Reactionaries
  48. 08-JAN-2014, PleasureMan, “Revenge of the Dark Enlightenment
  49. 09-JAN-2014, Ron Unz, “Rightwingers for Higher Wages

    These days the Internet is brimming with neo-reactionary opinionators, whose bitter hatred for establishment conservatives pours forth in every sentence. Being largely unfunded, they mince few words in providing their hardcore views on a whole range of issues, often laced with a sharp racialist tinge, thereby expressing perspectives that would leave a Reagan or a Schlafly looking like a George McGovern.

  50. 20-JAN-2014, Jamie Bartlett, “Meet The Dark Enlightenment: sophisticated neo-fascism that’s spreading fast on the net
  51. 21-JAN-2014, Mark Shea, “What’s the Dark Enlightenment?
  52. 21-JAN-2014, Vox Day (Theodore Beale), “Dark Enlightenment: the second stage
  53. 21-JAN-2014, Noah Smith, “Thoughts on the Neoreactionaries
  54. 22-JAN-2014, Tim Stanley, “The ‘neo-fascist’ Dark Enlightenment is more sad than scary
  55. 23-JAN-2014, Jess Goulart, “One King to Rule Them All – Empire Week
  56. 23-JAN-2014, hbd* chick, “In the dark about the dark enlightenment
  57. 23-JAN-2014, Matthew Walther, “The Dark Enlightenment Is Silly Not Scary
  58. 26-JAN-2014, Bruce Charlton, “Is it correct to state that Neo-Reactionaries of the ‘Dark Enlightenment’ are ‘Neo-fascists’?” (Then again, Charlton says anyone on the right with a secular political ideology is a fascist.)
  59. 26-JAN-2014, Patri Friedman, “… a more politically correct dark enlighenment [sic]”
  60. 28-JAN-2014, Christopher Chantrill, “The Dark Enlightenment Hits Stage Two
  61. 29-JAN-2014, Nicholas James Pell, “Overreacting to Neoreaction
  62. 30-JAN-2014, John Derbyshire, “Dark Thoughts
  63. 04-FEB-2014, Eric S. Raymond, “Mapping the Dark Enlightenment
  64. 10-FEB-2014, Samuel Wilson @ Euvoluntary Exchange “Affirming the Consequent: Predictive vs Prescriptive Economic Science” – VIDEO ‘debate’ between Anissimov and Noah Smith on neoreactionary ideas.  (Scott Alexander blogs his reactions)
  65. 10-FEB-2014, Adam Gurri, “Mencius Moldbug is a Technocrat” (highly recommended)
  66. 11-FEB-2014, teageegeepea / TGGP, “Adam Gurri on neoreactionaries
  67. 13-FEB-2014, Mark Shea gets trolled, “A Reader Writes of his Experience Among the Dark Enlightenment Types” (much hilarity ensues) UPDATE: “On Getting Punked“.
  68. 13-FEB-2014, Rod Dreher, “The Darkly Enlightened Punked Mark Shea
  69. 15-FEB-2014, J. Arthur Bloom, “To Mayberry, Minerva, or the Matrix?
  70. 18-FEB-2014, Rod Dreher, “The ‘Wired Man’s Burden’ Of The Neoreactionaries
  71. 19-FEB-2014, Eric S. Raymond, “Premises of the Dark Enlightenment
  72. 21-FEB-2014, JayMan, “The Problem with HBD, the Dark Enlightenment, Neoreaction, Alt-Rightism, and All That Jazz
  73. 05-MAR-2014, Karl Steel, “Just be Reasonable – Science, Toeing the Line, White Supremacy … and Robert Henryson
  74. 30-MAR-2014, Blake Hall, “The Dark Enlightenment: A Synthetic Neurotoxin
  75. 19-MAY-2014, Corey Pein, “Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream of a Silicon Reich
  76. 12-JUN-2014, George Dvorsky, “12 Futuristic Forms of Government That Could One Day Rule the World
  77. 24-JUL-2014, Tyler Cowen, “*Anarchy Unbound*” (Review of Leeson’s book of the same name. Noted for mention of ‘shareholder state’)
  78. 29-JUL-2014, Andrea Castillo, “A Gentle Introduction to Neoreaction (For Libertarians)
  79. 01-AUG-2014, Arthur Chu, “Occupying the Throne: Justine Tunney, Neoreactionaries, and the New 1%
  80. 06-AUG-2014, Dalibor Rohac, “Europe’s Neoreaction Is Scarier Than You Think
  81. 09-AUG-2014, Jason Kuznicki from Clown Town, “First Off, I Was Wrong
  82. 15-AUG-2014, Rachel Haywire (‘Cultural Dissident’), “Breaking up with Neoreaction”  “I longed for my days in the radical left, where running through the streets with black bloc was my prime form of socialization.”  Uh huh.
  83. 20-AUG-2014, Eli Dourado, “What the Neoreaction Doesn’t Understand about Democracy“.  Actually Eli, what I’d like one you guys to explain candidly is the origin of the Umlaut gang’s total obsession with NRX this year (see above) but with, so far as I know, only Gurri having gone to the trouble of even emailing anyone.  It’s not so mysterious really.
  84. 04-SEP-2014, Matthew Opitz (@LW), “NRx” vs. “Prog” Assumptions: Locating the Sources of Disagreement Between Neoreactionaries and Progressives (Part 1)
  85. 15-DEC-2014, Chris Lites at Slate interviews William Gibson on his new book, The Peripheral, and gets this quote, ““I’ve been making fun of the singularity since I first encountered the idea,” he says. “What you get in The Peripheral is a really fucked-up singularity. It’s like a half-assed singularity coupled with that kind of neoreactionary, dark enlightenment shit.” (HT: Land)
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49 Responses to Reaction Ruckus

  1. VXXC says:

    The American People [majority].

    Do add them in. The latter has been getting Richwined and fired for 40 years.

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  4. Candide III says:

    Radish has unearthed one more ‘gem’ at RevLeft.

  5. AlfredWClark says:

    Here’s the rough draft of the Laws of the Cathedral:

    We’re still working on it — making some changes…maybe a new version in King James English.

    • Handle says:

      Nice, but missing some buzzwords. Inequality, redistribution, fairness, social justice, oppression, welfare, affirmative action or racial preferences, legacy of slavery, etc.

      • R7 Rocket says:

        A comprehensive Cathedral Sacred Pet list would be quite entertaining. Gays, Blacks, Whales, etc.

        • Handle says:

          That’s easy. You start with ‘the privileged archetype’, and you pet any deviation from that ‘ideal’.

          So, in America, your talking about a straight, white, Christian, male, Rich, WASP, Republican, who inherited some significant portion of their wealth and class position – or at the very least came from a good background and carried on the esteemed family tradition. Maybe with some military experience. Maybe once a CEO.

          Basically Mitt Romney. or John McCain. Or George W. Bush. This list is not coincidental.

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  8. Foseti says:

    That last dude thinks I’m a Jew. Could I possibly be less of a Jew?

    • Handle says:

      Heh. Says a lot about the nature of contemporary Joo-theory. Talk about the men who taste jews in their sandwiches

      I suppose there must be people with heritages of greater ancestral and cultural distance from Jews than yours has. Papuans? Bushmen Pygmies?

      Anyway, I like PleasureMan’s stuff and find him very entertaining. He writes well and is occasionally brilliant, though MPC’s design and flow is cruddy and awful.

      He’s definitely worth reading in my opinion (though you can skip over his horde of very low quality, juvenile commentators). Then again, we all have them, but at least I hope mine will eventually move on.

      But I’m frankly surprised he gets hung up on the Christianity stuff and misses the obvious point and purpose of using the word ‘religion’.

  9. VXXC says:

    “Being largely unfunded, they mince few words in providing their hardcore views”

    • Bryce Laliberte says:

      “Largely unfunded”

      As in, completely unfunded.

      Well okay, I will disclose that sales of my book paid for a week’s worth of groceries.

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  11. Funding my dear friends will be found, facilitated w’out having to mince any words. Soon enough!

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  16. Wilbert in DC says:

    Handle…here’s one I just wandered across from February 19th:

    Premises of the Dark Enlightenment by Eric S. Raymond

  17. Candide III says:

    I don’t know if you’ll want to add this offshoot of the tunnygate, but it is quite long and covers quite some ground: Mouthbreathing Machiavellis by a Cory Pein.

    • Handle says:

      Yep, I’m tracking it (and some others) and I’m going to probably add it this weekend. I’ve been very backlogged because of work and family, and hopefully I’ll get a few hours to do some maintenance.

  18. Adam Gurri says:

    Small communities tend to flock to the same interests. And the Umlaut’s a small group. I found out about Neoreaction through Kuznicki’s piece, he was introduced to it by J. Arthur Bloom, Anjie took an interest from there. Once I heard about it I couldn’t not notice people from this community popping up in my Twitter feed every so often. And by now Eli’s surrounded by people talking about it, and has been talking with Nick Land fairly regularly on Twitter, I think. He probably just saw the paper and thought it’d be a good one to enter the conversation with.

    • Handle says:

      Thanks for the insight, from the outside it
      seems an awful lot more like concerted piling on than a ‘conversation’. Then again, I’m not on Twitter.

      Maybe that’s why I was so disappointed with Eli’s latest. Unlike you, it didn’t seem he had really spent any time or taken any effort to sharpen his arguments against a good faith critic, and was instead simply lecturing. If he did that on Twitter, more power to him, but it didn’t show.

      But look, if any of y’all want a civil friendly and intelligent conversation, then as always, I extend an open invitation to any of you guys to meet up for drinks in the DC area.

      • Adam Gurri says:

        Of course, you are unfortunately talking to the *only* Umlaut writer who doesn’t live in the DC area. But my family’s there and New York isn’t so far; we will have drinks at some point for sure.

        The Umlaut is largely our outlet for intellectual curiosities. Because there’s so few of us it can get streaky, but it definitely isn’t piling on. Anjie and Jordan both clearly have pretty positive opinions of neoreaction, for instance.

        Last year there was a streak of writing about the paleo diet (I didn’t dignify it by contributing). I think this is rather an improvement.

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  20. Causodos says:

    Not sure under what category this goes, but just found this:

  21. Candide III says:

    Honorable mention at the end of a review of “The Troublesome Inheritance” at Alternet.

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  23. Candide III says:

    A review of Nick Land by an alleged communist. Mostly misses the point on NRx, though.

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