Bullied and Badgered, Pressured and Purged

This is a placeholder website for the chronicling of … ‘The PC Inquisition’ isn’t too far off. Bleg from all of you to help me expand it via crowd-sourcing. The dates are not consistent, sometimes it is from the ‘offending event’, other times it is from the purging or just the publication dates of the news stories. As of 11-JAN-2015, this post has now been read by over 30,000 people.

  1. 10-OCT-1959: Revilo Oliver purged from National Review.  A complex personality – the sixth generation in his family to bear the burden of a purposefully palindromic name.  Archive at Unz.org
  2. 20-APR-1968: Enoch Powell purged from British Conservative Party.
  3. 1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria over Jensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)
  4. 19-OCT-1974: Sir Keith Joseph deemed ineligible for Chancellor of the Exchequer for this notorious speech.
  5. JAN-1984: Ray Honeyford forced into early retirement as headmaster of Drummond Middle School.
  6. 17-MAR-1984: Geoffrey Blainey silenced by University of Melbourne.
  7. 12-MAR-1985: Murray Dolfman suspended from lecturing at the University of Pennsylvania for talking to black students about the 13th Amendment.
  8. 06-APR-1987: Al Campanis ‘ignites controversy’ over remarks about black baseball team managers.
  9. 19-JAN-1988: Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder purged from CBS.
  10. 1989-1991 (and continuing): Related to the above, Linda Gottfredson’s torturous path.
  11. NOV-1990: John Strugnell purged from the Dead Sea Scrolls project.
  12. 22-APR-1991: William F. Buckley devotes an entire issue of National Review to “In Search of Anti-Semitism: What Christians Provoke What Jews? Why? By Doing What? — And Vice Versa.” focused greatly on Pat Buchanan (and timed to coincide with his big for Presidential candidacy).  Later, collected with responses, into a book.
  13. 1993 – Jospeh Sobran purged from National Review.
  14. 13-JAN-1993: Eden Jacobowitz charged by University of Pennsylvania with violating racial harassment policy by shouting ‘Water Buffalo’ at some large, rowdy black women.  (He should have just said ‘Behemoth‘ like he was thinking in Hebrew).  There was even a Doonesbury comic on it.
  15. 27-JUN-1995: Sam Francis purged from the Washington Times.
  16. 23-APR-1995: Frank Urban “Fuzzy” Zoeller loses his sponsors after Tiger Woods joke.
  17. 1997: Peter Brimelow and John O’Sullivan (and many others) purged from National Review.
  18. 09-AUG-1997: Chris Brand purged from Edinburgh University purportedly for discussing sexuality amongst minors, but mostly for his IQ heresy.
  19. 15-JAN-1999: David Howard purged for his vocabulary.
  20. 01-FEB-1999: Glenn Hoddle purged as England’s soccer coach
  21. 20-APR-1999: Marge Schott finally gives up being “Baseball’s Big Red Headache
  22. 27-DEC-1999: John Rocker forced into Psychiatric testing after expressing some opinions, but judging by his later behavior, he somehow didn’t get the message.
  23. 17-SEP-2001: Bill Maher purged from ABC (well, ok, just reassigned to HBO, he’s doing great)
  24. 02-OCT-2001: Ann Coulter purged from National Review (NR’s version here).
  25. 2001: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together goes unpublished in the U.S.
  26. 18-NOV-2001: Stuart Nagel commits suicide after a lost battle with a long, drawn-out process of academic inquisition into anonymous and unfounded racism accusations.  It wasn’t ‘win-win’ for him.
  27. 21-FEB-2002: Bjorn Lomborg investigated and found ‘guilty’ by the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty for complaints related to the publication of his book, The Skeptical Environmentalist.
  28. 09-MAR-2002: Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot convicted of intolerance by Canada’s Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal.
  29. 27-APR-2002: Scott Phelps suspended from teaching at Muir High.  (note: none of the links to the news stories seem to work anymore).
  30. MAY-2002: Geoffrey Sampson purged by the UK Conservatives.
  31. 06-MAY-2002: Pim Fortuyn assassinated by multicultural leftist Volkert van der Graaf for opposing mass immigration into Holland.  His murdered has been released from prison less than 12 years after the fact.
  32. 29-MAY-2002: Michel Houellebecq charged with inciting racial hatred for stating, in an interview, that Islam was “the most stupid of all religions”.
  33. 17-JUN-2002: Rev. Stephen Boissoin persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  34. NOV-2002: Oriana Fallaci becomes the subject of arrest warrants in Switzerland related to her excellently passionate book The Rage and The Pride.  (See also her trial in Italy on 12-JUN-2006 for The Force of Reason.)
  35. 05-DEC-2002: Senator Trent Lott resigns his Senate leadership by having to gall to flatter Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday.
  36. 2003: J. Michael Bailey two-minutes-hated and investigated for ethics after publishing ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen‘.
  37. 10-MAR-2003: The Dixie Chicks intensely criticized and forced into apology for opposing Iraq War while overseas.
  38. 01-OCT-2003: Rush Limbaugh pressured to resign from ESPN after comments related to Donovan McNabb.
  39. 17-OCT-2003: Greg Easterbrook purged from ESPN (and his content memory-holed)
    1. 15-MAR-2004: Ted Rall purged from New York Times. (it’s a thing with him, see below)
  40. 30-JUN-2004: Rachel Ehrenfeld found liable by default judgment by British Court after successful libel-tourism suit brought by the Bin Mahfouz family (it’s kind of a patten with them).  The case is important for illustrating not just the legal controversy, but the willingness of certain nations to extent to private parties the ability to commandeer the judicial apparatus on mere pretext for speech-suppressive ends.
  41. 12-AUG-2004: Tatu Vanhanen investigated by Finnish NBI at the behest of the Ombudsman for Minorities.
  42. SEP-2004: Thomas Klocek suspended from teaching at DePaul.
  43. JAN-2005: Kevin Lamb purged from Human Events.
  44. 19-JAN-2005: Lawrence Summers purged from Harvard
  45. 25-JULY-2005: Michael Graham purged from WMAL.
  46. 31-JULY-2005: Drew Fraser suspended from Macquarie University over a letter he wrote to a suburban newspaper.
  47. 26-OCT-2005: Fisher DeBerry probably purged from U.S. Air Force Academy (left a year after controversy over his comments)
  48. 15-NOV-2005: Alain Finkielkraut two minutes hated for making comments about the 2005 French Riots and is forced to apologize.  Interestingly, Le Nouvel Observateur writes about him in an article called, “The Neo-Reactionaries“.
  49. JAN-2006: Fr. Alphonse de Valk persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  50. 11-FEB-2006: Ezra Levant investigated after publishing Mohammad photos in Western Standard.
  51. 25-FEB-2006: Michael Regan pressured into resignation from Allegany County, Maryland DA’s office.
  52. 23-MAR-2006: Frank Ellis forced into early retirement from Leeds University for views on race and intelligence.  He has earlier decried British ‘racial hysteria’ and notably gave a talk on Liberal Totalitarianism.
  53. 16-JUN-2006: Dr. Bruce Lahn pressured out of IQ / brain-size / recent human evolution genetic research. (10Q from GNXP) – Take note of answer #3.
  54. 14-JUL-2006: Jeneane Garofalo purged from The Majority Report for comments on the relative status of statements about Scientology and Judaism. I think.
  55. 09-AUG-2006: Dr. Rod Lea two minutes hated for statements related to Maoris and the monoamine oxidase-A gene.
  56. 20-OCT-2006: Mark Steyn investigated after writing about islam in MacLean’s..
  57. 20-NOV-2006: Michael Richards (“Kramer”) purged from the biz.
  58. 04-APR-2007: Don Imus purged from CBS and NBC.
  59. 04-MAY-2007: Larry Auster purged from FrontPage Magazine.
  60. 22-MAY-2007: Comedian Guy Earle fined for mocking a lesbian heckler.
  61. 07-JUN-2007: Isaiah Washington purged from Grey’s Anatomy and ABC.
  62. 11-JUN-2007: Norman Finkelstein denied tenure at DePaul.
  63. 11-SEP-2007: Doug Christie fined by the Law Society of British Columbia for advocating a little too vigorously for the wrong kind of people.
  64. 16-OCT-2007: James Watson investigated and purged.
  65. NOV-2007: Keith John Sampson found guilty of racial harassment by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Affirmative Action Officers for reading Todd Tucker’s book, Notre Dame Vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan in, er, impolite company.  The chancellor eventually apologized.
  66. 22-MAR-2008: Randi Rhodes purged from Air America.
  67. 15-APR-2008: Brigitte Bardot goes on trial for Muslim comments (and hardly for the first time)
  68. 31-OCT-2008: Everybody goes berserk on the Mormons because of proposition-8 support. (google for more).
  69. 20-APR-2009: Carrie Prejean two minutes hated for expressing views on gay marriage at Miss USA contest.
  70. 24-APR-2009: Ted Rall purged from United Media.  (see below, again)
  71. 06-MAY-2009: Michael Savage banned from Britain.
  72. 15-JUL-2009: Dr. Kathy Albain  two minutes hated for accusations of ethnicity-based medical profiling.
  73. 13-OCT-2009: Thilo Sarrazin purged from Bundesbank
  74. 16-NOV-2009: Lou Dobbs purged by CNN over immigration reporting.
  75. 27-JAN-2010: ESPN writer Paul Shirley purged for some ungenerous remarks about Haiti following their tragic earthquake.
  76. 28-APR-2010: Gillian Duffy publicly declared ‘that bigoted woman’ by Gordon Brown.
  77. 30-APR-2010: Stephanie Grace and the case of her infamous Harvard email.
  78. 01-MAY-2010: Peter Duesberg investigated by UC Berkeley.  (later dropped, though I think his clinging to his AIDS stuff over all the years of contrary evidence is pure derp, but still if shouldn’t have had the effect on Charlton below.)
  79. 11-MAY-2010: Bruce Charlton purged from Medical Hypothesis.
  80. 19-MAY-2010: Physics Professor Jonathan Katz purged from BP-Oil-Spill Brain Trust.
  81. 04-JUN-2010: Steve Blair purged by KYCA radio.
  82. 10-AUG-2010: Dr. Laura Schlessinger eased off the air for discussing whether the use of the word ‘nigger’ could ever be appropriate.  Here’s some Chris Rock, “The correct answer is, ‘Not really’.”
  83. 01-OCT-2010: Rick Sanchez purged from CNN.
  84. 08-OCT-2010: Juan Williams purged from NPR.
  85. 02-FEB-2011: John Casteel purged from Arkansas Republican Party.
  86. 07-MAR-2011: Cathy and Fred ‘Gopher’ Grandy purged from WMAL.
  87. 11-MAR-2011: Alexandra Wallace purged from UCLA for her ‘ching-chong ling-long’ ‘Asians in the Library‘ viral youtube clip.
  88. 30-MAR-2011: Andrew Bolt sued (and later found guilty) for some crimethink blog posts he made in April 2009, including ‘It’s so hip to be black.”
  89. 27-APR-2011: Simon Ledger arrested for singing ‘Kung-Fu Fighting’.
  90. 16-MAY-2011: Satoshi Kanazawa purged from Psychology Today.
  91. 03-JUN-2011: Tracy Morgan forced to apologize by NBC after gay comments.
  92. JUL-2011: Jared Taylor removed from State Department translation referral website at the behest of the $PLC.
  93. 01-AUG-2011:  Principal Frank Borzellieri purged from Archdiocese of NY Schools.
  94. 03-NOV-2011: Brett Ratner purged from Oscars.
  95. 18-NOV-2011: Sepp Blater pressured within FIFA.
  96. 29-NOV-2011: Emma West arrested for snakes on a plane racism on a train.
  97. 09-JAN-2012: Principal Ted Horrell two minutes hated for talking honesty about test scores.
  98. 17-FEB-2012: Patrick Buchanan purged from MSNBC.
  99. 19-FEB-2012: Anthony Federico purged from ESPN for ‘Linsane’ ‘Chink in the Armor’ headline.
  100. 01-MAR-2012: Rush Limbaugh advertisers pressured to bail after Fluke slut comment.
  101. 05-APR-2012: John Derbyshire purged from National Review.
  102. 10-APR-2012: Robert Weissberg purged from National Review.
  103. 30-APR-2012: Naomi Riley purged from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  104. 16-MAY-2012: Manny Pacquiao ‘on defensive’ on same-sex marriage
  105. 22-MAY-2012: Andy Gipson threatened for quoting Bible on gays.
  106. 22-MAY-2012: Mark Traina purged from New Orleans Public Schools.
  107. 21-JUN-2012: Sanford, Florida Police Chief Bill Lee fired for not arresting an innocent man, a clear mishandling of criminal ‘justice’.
  108. 02-JUL-2012: Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A pressured.
  109. 15-JUL-2012: Mark Steyn published column that got him sued by Michael Mann. (ongoing!)
  110. 25-JUL-2012: Paraskevi “Voula” Papachristou purged from 2012 Olympics for making light of matters involving sacred objects.
  111. 06-AUG-2012: Robert Oscar Lopez targeted for authoring a personal reminiscence of growing up with gay parents.
  112. 08-AUG-2012: Bret Easton Ellis two minutes hated for thoughts on proper casting.
  113. 27-SEP-2012: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula arrested for violating parole by producing that ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie, or something.  A strange case all around, I’ll admit.
  114. 02-OCT-2012: Lewiston, Maine Mayor Robert MacDonald scolded for comments related to Somali immigrants.
  115. 17-MAR-2013: ‘Dongle-Gate’, dongle-joker-geeks purged.
  116. 20-MAR-2013: Steven Landsburg gets two-minutes-hated for a thought experiment.
  117. 17-APR-2013: Rick Ross dumped by Reebok for some dope lyrics (HT: Taki), which are totally shocking, because, as we all well know, rappers never talk about drugs.
  118. 03-APR-2013: Terri Proud purged from Arizona Veterans Administration
  119. 10-MAY-2013: Jason Richwine purged from Heritage
  120. 17-MAY-2013: Paula Deen purged.
  121. 22-MAY-2013, Julia (a 13-year-old, name withheld) forced to apologize for taunting the shattered, fragile ego of allegedly full grown man athlete, Adam Goodes.
  122. 30-MAY-2013: Gordon Gee purged from Ohio State University (he’s going to West Virginia now)
  123. 04-JUN-2013: Geoffrey Miller two-minutes-hated for ‘fat shaming’.
  124. 05-JUN-2013: Nissim Yeshaya purged from Israel Court.
  125. 07-JUN-2013: April Sims purged from Dallas Police Dept.
  126. 20-JUN-2013: Mike Krahulik gets two-minutes-hated for ‘transphobia’.
  127. 25-JUN-2013: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer banned from Britain.
  128. 03-JUL-2013: Aaryn Gries purged from Zephyr Talent.
  129. 12-JULY-2013: Orson Scott Card threatened with Ender’s Game boycott.  (See also his mothballed Superman project)
  130. 20-JULY-2013: Ron Unz purged from The American Conservative for this
  131. AUG-2013: Paul Gottfried purged from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for having friends who had opinions about ethnic disparities like Charles Murray’s.
  132. 08-AUG-2013: Richard Dawkins gets a taste of the Zeitgeist.
  133. 14-AUG-2013: Vox Day purged from Science Fiction Writers of America.
  134. 27-AUG-2013: Tuffy Gessling purged from Rodeo Clowning.
  135. 04-SEP-2013: Yelena Isinbayeva almost purged as Russian Olympic Ambassador.
  136. 08-SEP-2013: Craig James purged from Fox Sports, because, “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department.”
  137. 10-SEP-2013: Pax Dickinson purged from Business Insider.
  138. 25-SEP-2013: Barilla CEO, Guido Barilla pressured on gay marriage.
  139. 25-SEP-2013: David Gilmour two-minutes-hated for literature judgment.
  140. 26-OCT-2013: Don Yelton purged from local GOP because of Daily Show.
  141. 14-NOV-2013: Helmuth Nyborg investigated for ‘scientific dishonesty’ (he was also purged in 2006)
  142. 26-NOV-2013: Alec Baldwin purged from MSNBC not for vulgarity, ha!, but for swearing in that impermissiable way.
  143. 28-NOV-2013: Ted Rall purged from Daily Kos.
  144. 03-DEC-2013: Bob Dylan threatened by French prosecutor.
  145. 09-DEC-2013: Tila Tequila gets erased by Facebook for trying her hand at being a classless provocateuse.  No word yet on Miley Cyrus’ account.
  146. 10-DEC-2013: Chip Wilson purged from Lululemon.
  147. 10-DEC-2013: Researchgruppen (an antifa organization), in collaboration with the newspaper Expressen cracks blog-commenting service Discus in order to expose their politically incorrect enemies to the Brown Scare, and enable Marxist bombers.  (See also, The Journal News publishes map of gun owners)
  148. 12-DEC-2013: Bob Newhart intimidated.
  149. 19-DEC-2013: Phil Robertson purged from A&E.
  150. 20-DEC-2013: Justine Sacco purged from IAC.
  151. 20-DEC-2013: Dawn Barnett found guilty and sent to diversity training over a Golliwogg comment (HT: Derb)
  152. 29-DEC-2013: Ani DiFranco concert cancelled in protest over venue choice.
  153. 02-JAN-2014: Heartiste threatened with blog memory-holing via WordPress malicious prosecution (Kevin Conboy)?  It wouldn’t be the first time a blog was suddenly disappeared.
  154. Senator Cory Bernardi two minutes hated by Australians in general for the content of his new book, The Conservative Revolution (note the ‘reviews’), with preference for traditional nuclear families seeming to be the key irritation.
  155. 07-JAN-2014: Prof. Mary Willingham threatened and her research disowned by UNC for exposing the ‘special talent’ program.
  156. 17-JAN-2014: Juan Pablo Galavis, Conquistador-American Hispanic, two minutes hated for preferring heterosexuals for roles on a dating showGroveling here.
  157. 18-JAN-2014: Maria Conchita Alonso purged from a Spanish-language version of “The Vagina Monologues” for appearing in a political ad for – gasp – a Republican!
  158. 20-JAN-2014: Bill Simmons forced to apologize for ‘Dr. V‘ story.
  159. 22-JAN-2014: (Note: Merely Cautionary, So Far), IRS goes after Friends of Abe Hollywood Conservatives, with particular interest in outing the membership list.
  160. 18-MAR-2014: Hempstead (IVO Houston, Texas) Middle School Principal Amy Lacey purged (other coverage links) for strongly encouraging students and teachers to speak English in the classroom.
  161. 24-MAR-2014: Brendan Eich experiences purging campaign to get him fired at CEO of Mozilla due to $1,000 donation in 2008 in support of California Proposition 8, which succeeded at the polls, if not in the courts.  OkCupid goes all in on full, guilt-by-association excommunication .  The flipside of campaign funding transparency is the the risk of being on the receiving end of the politics of personal destruction.  Talk about a chilling effect.  But, naturally, the same people would publicly lose their minds with maximum mouth foaming if they heard of a company firing someone because they contributed to the campaign to oppose proposition 8.  UPDATE: Sigh, purged.  Depressing and predictable.  Only missing the ‘to spend more time with his family’ line.
  162. 28-MAR-2014: Stephen Colbert feels the rage of #CancelColbert inquisitors who relish being purposefully obtuse and can’t take an obvious joke.
  163. 02-APR-2014: Michael Mann takes aim and demands that David Koch be purged from the board of Boston PBS station WGBH.
  164. 08-APR-2014: Ayaan Hirsi Ali spiked from Bradeis U. graduation ceremony / honorary degree.  Fox takes a look behind the scenes.
  165. 10-APR-2014: Prolific French writer Renaud Camus fined 4,000 Euros, and forced to give 500 Euros to an anti-racist group, for criticizing non-assimilating Muslims and espousing his ‘replacement’ theory.
  166. 17-APR-2014: They’ll be asking for your expulsion too, soon enough, Julius Kairey of Cornell.  That’s the real ‘rape culture’.
  167. 21-APR-2014: Tom Preston-Werner purged from GitHub.  Some facts were conveniently withheld, not like they will do Tom any good, even though, “… the investigation found no evidence of illegal practices.” (HT: Sailer)
  168. 22-APR-2014: Charles Murray spiked from Azusa Pacific University. (HT: Sailer)
  169. 26-ARP-2014: Donald J. Sterling playing defense after ‘racist’ comments. (HT: Sailer) (UPDATE: fined, purged.)  Look, by all accounts, this guy was an awful sleezeball and deserved what he got.  Fine. Nevertheless, this was also obviously a baited setup (100 hours of secretly and illegally recorded conversations with the floozy?), and no one but Sailer’s been covering the real story behind the ouster instead of leveraging the media hysteria-catnip of the race-opera to cover it up.  No One.  That should trouble you.  And no one’s been making the obvious, prospective point, which is that today, Big Brother Is Everyone.  Hell is other people.  With smartphones, everybody’s carrying their own personal wire all the time.  If the adventuress isn’t convicted, then the signal to everyone else is that there is zero cost to extracting something juicy from the right person, and the deterrence effect is destroyed.  Imagine a future where everyone is their own Stasi, keeping an option-for-extortion retirement fund archive, and incentivized to get people to trust them and reveal their un-PC opinions in private.  People, it’s all going downhill.
  170. 26-APR-2014: Paul Weston arrested for Quoting Churchill. (HT: Steyn) and do check out the photos at Liberty GB.
  171. 01-MAY-2014: Eric Walsh purged from Pasadena Health Dept.
  172. 01-MAY-2014: Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson almost purged from the BBC over a very rude original version of a children’s rhyme.
  173. 01-MAY-2014: Josh Olin purged from Turtle Rock for tweeting the following about #161 to his 142K followers, “Here’s an unpopular opinion: Donald Sterling has the right as an American to be an old bigot in the security of his own home. He’s a victim.”  He’s not the only one now, Josh!  (HT: Ace) Pro-tip #1: If you start a tweet under your own name with, “Here’s an unpopular opinion,” and you rely even indirectly on popularity, then you’re doing it wrong in the #hashtag advocacy world.  Pro-tip #2: Never side with, or stand up for, losers, because that just makes you a loser too, and guilty by association, even if you signal condemnation, and even if you’re just arguing about ‘rights’.  You have to understand this most of all : error has no rights, and any defense of error is just more error.  So, watch your mouth.  Or else.
  174. 03-MAY-2014: Condoleeza Rice spiked from Rutgers Commencement following pressure from leftist student groups.  To his credit, Rutgers President Robert Barchi attempted to resist the pressure on principle, but for naught.  Rice can go back to filming more ‘Ban Bossy‘ PR-stunts for Facebook now, and maybe be President Sandberg’s Secretary of State or National Security Adviser one day.
  175. 07-MAY-2014: David and Jason Benham’s show spiked from HGTV.  UPDATE: SunTrust Bank closes their bank account, then relents after uproar.  I’m beginning to think that these ‘capitulate, excommunicate, then rehabilitate’ actions are the way that corporations try to please everyone, and have their cake and eat it too.   That might be understandable, but it’s not a good result, so the only appropriate policy if you care about this issue is to close your SunTrust account right now and never look back.
  176. 07-MAY-2014: Dr. Caleb Rossiter purged from the Institute for Policy Studies for writing an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal arguing that poor Africa needs an exemption to climate change emissions control policies (HT: Powerline)
  177. 11-MAY-2014: Don Jones noted for being controversial.  Stay tuned for developments.  UPDATE: Fined and suspended.
  178. 12-MAY-2014: David Lowe fired from BBC Radio after playing a song from 1932.
  179. 13-MAY-2014: YEAR OF THE SPIKED SPEAKER.  Now comes Robert J. Birgeneau and Christine Lagarde.  “between 1987 and 2008, there were … 21 incidents of an invited guest not speaking. Since 2009 there … 39 cancellations…”  Rate of increase? 550%
  180. 14-MAY-2014: Lennart Bengtsson hounded out of his membership in the GWPF.
  181. 22-MAY-2014: Mark Cuban under fire for the following ‘comments about race’, “If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face – white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere – I’m walking back to the other side of the street.”
  182. 27-MAY-2014: Ru Paul gets in hot water for defending use of the word ‘Tranny’.
  183. 28-MAY-2014: Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, has to apologize for some offensive youthful indiscretion, er, completely standard fraternity communication.  Then again, you can never tell what atrocities frat-culture will be held accountable for next week.
  184. 04-JUN-2014: And Dan Savage gets in the same hot water for using the ‘transphobic slur’.
  185. 09-JUL-2014: Anthony Cumia fired by Sirius XM for some tweets.
  186. 11-JUL-2014:  Ashutosh Jogalekar fired from Scientific American for failing to be sufficiently critical of Richard Feynman, and perhaps in addition to his heresies within his review of Nicholas Wade’s book. (HT: Sailer)  He responds here.
  187. 12-JUL-2014: Now that she’s going to be on The View, Rosie O’Donnell is still taking heat for a legal shark fishing expedition she went on two years ago.  Don Surber ‘defends’ the act here.
  188. 24-JUL-2014: Minnesota Vikings special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer suspended for ‘homophobic’ remarks.
  189. 06-AUG-214: Steven G. Salaita had his academic job offer rescinded by the University of Illinois for tweeting some very uncivil things about Israel during the latest outbreak of hostilities.  NB:  I have received a few emails, thankfully civil in tone, but which have accused me of bias and favoritism in the composition of this list.  I plead innocent, and assert that [the] reality [of ideological pressure] has a liberal bias, and that instead of a one-sided list, I have tried to be fair, and that the severe asymmetry and disproportion in representation (and in the very selective cases of a broad class of similar injustices for which liberals collectively demand redress) is a social phenomenon and not an artifact of my construction.  As corroboration for my claim, I move for the admission into evidence of this particular item, of an individual’s purging for which I would be sympathetic were it not for my much stronger commitment to the higher principle of freedom of expression and robust, disciplined tolerance for diverse viewpoints.  That being said, I have to say, given the pattern of these incidents, I predict Mr. Salaita will land firmly on his feet.  Stay tuned.
  190. 18-AUG-2014: Gavin McInnes purged from Rooster (a company he co-founded along with VICE) (HT: The Advocate, and thanks guys for all the traffic to this list – actually, that should be thanks for Justine Tunney), for a “Transphobic Essay“, that you can’t even read yourself because ThoughtCatalog says it’s “been reported [by folks like the ones at Salon] as hateful or abusive content.”
  191. 07-SEP-2014: Bruce Levenson purged from owning the Atlanta Hawks (or is that ‘Sterlinged‘ (see Brendan’s comment), or ‘Derbyshired‘) for a single email expressing some hatefacts about sport event spectator demographic attendance dynamics.
  192. 24-SEP-2014: Bill Frezza purged from Forbes for writing forbidden thoughts about drunk girls.
  193. 26-SEP-2014: Political activist Tressy Capps fired for videotaping her interactions with a family with a Mexican-flag in their yard in Ontario, California.
  194. 29-SEP-2014: Police Officer Jason Lentz fired for posting that Darren Wilson ‘did society a favor’ by killing Michael Brown.
  195. 09-OCT-2014: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (sounds like ‘Sat In Nutella’) blasted on Social Media for advising women against asking for raises, and, of course, he almost immediately reverses himself when informed of his transgression.
  196. 17-OCT-2014: Professor of Poetry Barry Spurr suspended and banned from campus for some offensive language and views.
  197. 22-OCT-2014: Detective Frank Lyga fired from LAPD by Police Chief Charlie Beck for various minor offenses, such as calling someone an ‘ewok’.  But he was the wrong kind of someone.
  198. 27-OCT-2014: Bill Maher targeted for commencement speech cancellation by delicate-snowflake Berkeley students.
  199. 29-OCT-2014: Michael Che denounced for insufficient deference to street-catcall moral panic. (HT: Sailer)
  200. 19-NOV-2014: Julien Blanc banned from Britain for … well, being a typical PUA I guess. (HT: Derb)
  201. 19-NOV-2014: ‘Abortion culture’ debate shut down by Oxford students.  Tim Stanley, pro, and Brendan O’Neill, anti, were both upset, but tough luck for everyone except the hecklers who are allowed to keep their veto.
  202. 01-DEC-2014: Elizabeth Lauten, Republican congressional aide, purged after criticizing first daughters.  Time to learn who is off limits, Elizabeth.
  203. 03-DEC-2014: That’s Just Great Tumblr-sphere: ‘Racists’ Getting Fired (And Getting ‘Racists’ Fired).  If you want a vision of the future, imagine a lynch mob of 300 million Pavlik Morozovs, pointing fingers at and outing each other, to each other, forever.  Except even little Pavlik made an accurate report, unlike these guys.
  204. 04-DEC-2014: Sgt. Bret Barnum, the Portland ‘Ferguson Hug Cop’ gets in some hot water for liking a Facebook post.  The boston.com article headline is, “Internet Turns on Once Beloved ‘Ferguson Hug’ Cop,” but the URL says, “once-beloved-ferguson-hug-cop-now-hated-racist”.  Whoa.  (HT: Sailer)
  205. 07-DEC-2014: Robert Jennings purged from his position as president of Philadelphia’s Lincoln University, for giving feminism-unapproved advice to female students.  (HT: Candide)
  206. 09-DEC-2014: Prof. Walter Lewin, celebrated physics teacher, stripped of his emeritus status and barred from campus, and all of his physics lectures removed from OpenCourseWare, because an internal investigation found that he had been sexually harassing students online.  He probably did some messed up stuff, who knows.  But to completely remove his unrelated and excellent content online?  That’s crazy and hurts lots of innocent people.  And it is that purifying impulse which is … disturbing.  Related thoughts from Scott Aaronson.
  207. 13-DEC-2014: Plebcomics purged from her job for pissing off the Social Media Warriors over at Tubmlr about feminism or rape culture or something … it’s hard to tell.
  208. 17-DEC-2014: Marquette professor John McAdams suspended for asserting that open and frank discussion of diverse points of view on controversial topics should occur in the academy.  Crazy.  This will teach him quite the lesson. (UPDATE: 05-FEB-2015, Enough to Move to Revoke Tenure for the upcoming purging, apparently).
  209. 18-DEC-2014: Charlotte, NC fire investigator Crystal Eschert fired for Facebook post.
  210. 18-DEC-2014: Troll Hunters looking for … you? (HT: Sailer)
  211. 18-DEC-2014, Sony, Paramount, and all major US film distributers cave to NK on The Interview and Team America.  Just part of a trend of cowardice which includes PC, as Douthat points out.
  212. 19-DEC-2014: Geert Wilders on trial again for ‘inciting racial hatred’, i.e., talking about immigration.
  213. 20-DEC-2014: Eric Zemmour, author of recently-released Le Suicide français, (which like Deutschland schafft sich ab, is one of the best selling books in a foreign country in a decade, and so must never be translated into English, some background from Christopher Caldwell here), purged from his television program on i-Télé for expressing his honest sentiments.
  214. 20-DEC-2014: Daniel Mael finds that a ‘student representative’ at Brandeis has no sympathy for murdered cops and publishes her words.  Drama to ‘hold him accountable’ ensues.  Thoughts from Alan Dershowitz (who seems to be starting to wonder which side he’s really on) and John McAdams (see above)
  215. 22-DEC-2014: Vaclav Klaus – ‘a champion of liberty’ – purged from the Cato Institute for going off-sides on matters of foreign policy.  Cowen says he’s bad and should feel bad.  Related thoughts from Luboš Motl.
  216. 30-DEC-2014: The Social Media Warriors Feminists pile on Scott Aaronson for only being 97% down with the program.  (It’s all or nothing Scott, who notices nothing but the absolute minimum amount of rottenness in Denmark, even as Denmark pounces on him and does its very best to reveal to him what it really is and shove the rest of the stench up his nostrils!) Now, it’s hard to be sympathetic with a guy who does everything he can to fail to update his priors, remain clueless, and instead try to throw other people under the bus and normalize expression of delegitimating sentiment when he says, “Though I don’t consider it legally practicable, as a moral matter I’d be fine if every such [crimethinking] man were thrown in prison for life,” but the incident is still worthy of contemplation.  Here’s the intellectually-revolting Amanda Marcotte and Laurie Penny.  Here are some better thoughts from Scott Alexander and Lubos Motl.
  217. 31-DEC-2014: 19 year old arrested in UK for burning Koran.
  218. 01-JAN-2015: Katie Hopkins investigated for Ebola tweet. “… around 20,000 people in Britain have been investigated in the past three years for comments made online, with around 20 people a day being looked into by the forces of the law …”  Yikes.
  219. 05-JAN-2015: Scotland, No Country For Free Speech, “Please be aware that we will continue to monitor comments on social media & any offensive comments will be investigated.”  Translation, “Watch your mouth, comrade.”
  220. 13-JAN-2015: Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran purged for writing Christian-themed book critical of homosexual practices.  (HT: Dreher)
  221. 15-JAN-2015: Whoa, only 18 years after her once ‘transgressive’ play opened in New York, Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues gets the boot from Mt Holyoke for being offensively and insufficiently inclusive of “people-of-femaleness-self-identification-and-aspiration” but who happen to not presently have, actual, you know, vaginas.  The ratchet moves swiftly my friends; the mills grind fine, but fast now too.
  222. 17-JAN-2015: 34-year CNN Anchor Jim Clancy purged (and memory-holed), not for trying to spin the ‘real meaning’ of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons in an implausibly nutty way, but for accusing the folks that pushed back of working for Israeli public relations.  Wrong target Jim.  (HT: Sailer)
  223. 17-JAN-2015: British Magistrate Ricard Page ‘sent to equality training’ for stating that children are best off with a mother and father.
  224. 19-JAN-2015: Billy Crystal SMJW-shamed for the bigotry of saying that he hopes gay sex scenes aren’t ‘shoved in his face’.
  225. 20-JAN-2015: Annie Lennox covers ‘Strange Fruit‘, the internet covers her in shaming, because, while she’s got the right kind of voice, well, she’s not the right kind of person.
  226. 22-JAN-2015: French court sentences three to fines for nasty ‘homophobic’ tweets.  Not that it’s nice to say that gays should die or be burned; duh, it’s not.  But take a look around twitter, even à la française, and you’ll see plenty of that kind of thing.  But some people get rounded up and tried, while others need not worry.  Who, Whom?
  227. 26-JAN-2015: Benedict Cumberbatch humiliated for using the word ‘coloured’, instead of ‘people of color’, because …
  228. 27-JAN-2015: Jonathan Chait pens his “Not A Very PC Thing To Say,” which, apparently, itself was not very PC, judging by progressive responses.  Some moron named Amanda Taub at Vox does the typical, predictable – and by now quite boring and tiresome – Vox thing by claiming that PC doesn’t exist.  ha.  Douthat comments (HT: Sailer).  And don’t miss Dreher, “Still, I will have a talk with my teenage son today to tell him not to defend anything that might be remotely controversial online, unless he does it under a false name, and leaves no identifying details. Six to eight years from now, when he will be applying for a job or to graduate school, someone, somewhere, will Google him. If he has ever said anything that violates the progressive code, he may be sunk.”
  229. 30-JAN-2015: Jill Soloway browbeaten for putting up imitation image containing the word, ‘Transdashian’, imitating the imagery from her own transgender show, Transparent.  Trans is so hot right now, but you can never be too holy not to be criticized as a heretic.
  230. 06-FEB-2015: Jonathan Turley publishes his own list on his blog.
  231. 09-FEB-2015: Wiltshire Police demand the names of the buyers of  the post-massacre commemorative edition of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.
  232. 10-FEB-2015: Ethan Chazor, Jeb Bush’s 2016 Election Chief Technology Officer, ousted for prohibited insensitive remarks, for instance, expressing a negative judgment regarding the fact that, “… the majority of newborn black babies belong to single-parent households.”
  233. 17-FEB-2015: Tim Cook’s Apple terminates its relationship with lobbyist and former Republican state congressman for Montgomery, Alabama Jay Love for retroactive political incorrectness.
  234. 20-FEB-2015: Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has has image purged from a window by a student campaign at King’s College London for retroactive political incorrectness.
  235. 25-FEB-2015: Vivek Wadhwa swears off speaking for gender diversity in tech (after an attempt to be a self-appointed spokesman and advocate for the cause) when the female advocates decide that they don’t want his kind of competition.
  236. 26-FEB-2015: Salt Lake City, police officer Eric Moutsos lost his job because he declined to march in a gay pride parade.
  237. 05-MAR-2015: New York Baseball Player Daniel Murphy silenced by Mets organization with regard to expressing his honest sentiments relating to his religious views … ok, not really.  He can talk about Jesus all he wants, so long as he doesn’t mention homosexuality.
  238. … Too many to count … the more commonplace and boringly predictable is is, the more serious it becomes.
  239. 03-JUN-2015: Curtis Yarvin’s Urbit presentation booted from StrangeLoop tech conference.  The man has my gratitude and respect, but his fate to live out of any spotlight is sealed.  The Heckler’s Veto is the order of the day, and there are so, so many volunteer hecklers these days.  “In this case it is clear to me that your opinions in areas outside your talk are concerning enough for a significantly large number of attendees that those reactions are overshadowing the talk and acting as a distraction for launching the conference as a whole.  Because of this, I am sorry that I must rescind your invitation and I will not be able to accept or include your talk at the conference.”  No Enemies To The Left; No Platform For The Right.  Banned with BS Boilerplate.  That’s how it ends for the purged, these days.  No sticks for you, but no carrots either.  And you can’t do much of anything if you’re not holding an official carrot, these days, so it probably feels like a lot like a stick.   We will all now have to be much more careful and less free than he was.
  240. ETA 10-AUG-2017: James Damore purged from Google for the Diversity Memo.

And with that – fittingly – FIN for this list.  We have been witnesses to the end of the beginning, but alas, it was only the beginning.  Now is the time for the wearing of masks.

Brothers and Sisters, your warrant is this:

Protect, Preserve, Transmit; All that must be passed down:

Wear the masks, keep heads-down, pay lip-service:

But remember the Truth, lest it wither and drown.

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365 Responses to Bullied and Badgered, Pressured and Purged

  1. infowarrior1 says:

    We should be a refuge to them somehow. They should know that a community is out there to embrace them.

    • Handle says:

      There are a few pockets of support. But a refuge is never enough. Who wants to shelter in an uncertain sanctuary? And havens will just come under the same pressure. This list just shows you can’t trust your own city fathers to protect you behind their walls when the siege gets rough.

      No. The PC purges have to be stopped.

      I don’t want a community to embrace me – I want it to avenge me. So powerfully that it never has to avenge or embrace anyone ever again.

      • infowarrior1 says:

        Heh. True. But about the men who were expelled. They should know that they are not alone. That others stand with them. Giving them hope and steel for their spine.

      • VXXC says:

        ” I want it to avenge me.”

        Whoah. Dude. I like this side of you.

      • peppermint says:

        Maing this list was an excellent idea. A list focused on intellectuals who were once leftists should put the fear of God into any cute little leftist intellectuals who come along.

        They talk about purging as “raising costs”, so, we should show them the cost of living moment to moment with sanctimony and fear.

        Then offer them the alternative: embrace truth and beauty.

        Khruschev said that one time he saw a man accused by a woman, “I knew just by looking in his eyes that he is an enemy of the people”. Fortunately for the man, he was quick of thought, and retorted “I knew just by looking in her eyes that she is a whore”.

        Today, the man would not have squirmed out of the accusation by making light of it, but would have substantiated the accusation by slut-shaming.

        So remember kids: you live in sanctimony and fear.

        – Comrade, have you ever wavered from the party line?
        – No, I have onley wavered with the party line.

      • doxgawker says:

        We have the internet. The way to avenge is by doxing each and every individual reporter and blogger who participates in these purges, and then putting up flyers with their name, photo, net worths/house values, and addresses in the toughest neighborhoods in town. Nothing else. Completely unstoppable, scales down to one man, or up across the continent, is pure information war, and exerts a real penalty on those who attack truth. By putting up the flyers there is a physical world API call; the same effect could probably be achieved by getting involved in one of the many minority communities on Twitter and getting these names/addresses out there. No editorialization necessary, what the “poor” decide to do to the “privileged” is their own business.

        Start with Gawker, most of them live in NYC and putting Harlem youths in touch with the Gawker office addresses would work wonders. It is a myth of course that said youths are violent, this would just be a local/social project to introduce various parts of the left coalition to each other.

        • Handle says:

          Can’t agree with this. I’m trying to stigmatize the politics and tactics of personal destruction.

          • asdf1234 says:

            But to “stigmatize the politics of personal destruction” is like stigmatizing the firearm. Lee Kuan Yew banned the Communists that were going to take over Singapore. The South Koreans fought the Communists that were going to take over the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Did they lay down their weapons or take an imaginary high road?

            To win we need to play the man, not the ball. Stop fighting their words. They will not listen to logical arguments and will otherwise continue attacking. Taking some of these inquisitors down with information war means returning fire, imposing a cost for attacking. They are bullies; one punch in the nose will shock and surprise them. Doxing one or ten of them will turn their aggression into first surprise, and then fear. Now they are on the run.

          • Kudzu Bob says:

            Trying to stigmatize the politics and tactics of personal destruction in the eyes of Leftists is like badmouthing the Krebs cycle to aerobic organisms.

          • Handle says:

            Heh. Point taken. However, trying to get institutions on the right to not purge their own when under leftist pressure should not be so impossible, yet it apparently requires a heavy dose of spine-stiffening these days.

      • Molly Brazen says:

        Thanks for saying this. This isn’t about feeling better. This is about fixing the problem. And no battle has ever been won only on defense. In each of these instances, there are probably a only very few people who are actually responsible for arranging the lynching. Probably it is fewer people than there are incidents on the list, since careerism in the dissenter-lynching industry is one of the few growth enterprises in the Obama economy. If we can identify one or two Chief Culprits in each case, we will probably find certain names come up again and again. Treat these people to a taste of their own medicine, and justice will begin.

      • kikz says:

        thx so much for this placeholder list. a poster at taki passed it along. as will i.

    • Great work, “Handle”!


  2. peppermint says:

    Naomi Schaefer Riley, fired from the Chronicle of Higher Education for an article critical of the scholarship in African-American Studies. Having married a Black man did not protect her from being called racist.

  3. jamesd127 says:

    Extrapolating, the number purged should reach infinity on January twelfth.

    But hold on, I am not expecting a left singularity quite that soon. Thus this has to be one branch of leftism getting ahead of the rest, overeaching. It will be pulled back. Quite possibly A&E will be reprimanded.

    But other branches of leftism will be pulled forward. Even if we win, the process is, as Marck Steyn said, the punishment. Even if this little orgasm of repression is quelled, as it surely will be, it will mean that in future fewer people will be willing to dissent, leading to another, bigger, orgasm of repression sooner.

    • Handle says:

      1. ‘Extrapolating, the number purged should reach infinity on January twelfth.’ – Well, that’s partly due to the viral-intermet-short-term-human-memory phenomenon. That’s why help from the crowd will be appreciated. I put the date closer to the 2014 election. Either before – if they think it will rally the base, or after, if they’re still worried about rocking the boat with some ‘moderates’ and turning a few people off.

      2. ‘A&E will be reprimanded’ – Apparently the other ‘veteran TV executives’ are putting out a campaign to mock the ‘rookie mistake’. We’ll see if it goes anywhere.

      The problem is that, as I mentioned earlier, there are certain scripted rituals of how ‘backing down and reconciling’ over these issues is supposed to work in our society.

      These ‘truth and reconciliation’ scripts has always involved 1. A public confession, 2. public apology, 3. The paying of indulgences and Solatium (in the form of charity to groups ‘representing’ the ‘offended’ classes), 4. rehabilitation in the form of attending diversity awareness classes, and 5. sitting down with members of the offended class to be scolded and understand their pain, or something.

      If you’re not willing to commit 100% to a permanent purging, then you need to choose your targets more wisely in terms of individuals who will submit themselves to the above process.

      The problem for A&E (I guess) is that Phil isn’t going to do any of these things.
      Their only hope is that, instead of backing down, he’ll double down, and say something ever more ‘outrageously offensive’ which will make him ‘indefensible’. They’ll try to arrange for someone to give him enough rope to hang himself, but I don’t think he’ll take the bait. Who knows – we’ll see how it plays out.

      • jamesd127 says:

        2014 still seems a bit early. 2016 is the earliest I would expect to see mass repression and millions sent to labor camps. 2025 more likely.

        • peppermint says:

          I really don’t know how labor camps are going to work. The proggies have invested so much emotionally in not doing that; a single decade isn’t long enough. There isn’t enough work to force on people, anyway.

          We already have explicit preferences in employment for certain demographics, and explicit prohibition on employeng people who have a bad attitude. I think the way repression is going to work is that you’ll need to be a Party member in good standing in order to get any job. They’ll eliminate anonymity, completely, thereby ensuring that the only people who will say hateful things are unemployed and don’t have any family who could be threatened with firing for their closeness to a hateful person.

          The proggies have been explicitly arguing for this for some time; anonymity is already being eliminated.

          “[W]e want to convey the sense that the bigots are isolated, embittered individuals, rather than permit them to contact and coordinate with one another.” — Professor Jeremy Waldron, NYU Law, “The Harm in Hate Speech”, Harvard University Press, 2012

          In Sweden a anti-fascist group hacked Disqus and published the home addresses of right-wingers. A Marxist group bombed one of the houses.

          • Molly Brazen says:

            “In Sweden a anti-fascist group hacked Disqus and published the home addresses of right-wingers. A Marxist group bombed one of the houses.”

            Hey, that should be in the list! I’d never heard about it before.

          • Handle says:

            Indeed. I’m preparing an update with a few dozen more entries soon. Keep them coming folks.

        • AAB says:

          Prison labour work schemes already exist in some form or another in the USA and China, so all that needs to happen for them to become forced labour camps (or GULAGs) is to increase the number of prisoners in them. The only difference is that new prison labour camps are private instead of government owned.

          Here’s a very short piece on private prisons in the USA:

          • Handle says:

            No one needs prison camps. All they have to do in a country of over 300 million is very publicly get a guy arrested or fired a few times a year.

            Hell, they could leave people completely alone and put them under ‘probationary rules’ like they did with the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ guy and make it a condition of your freedom that you never access the internet so you can’t spread your contaminating filthy crime-truths and hate-facts around anymore in the sole medium in which most modern people absorb them.

            Imagine, for example, how a velvet-fascist government would handle, say, a Krugman. If you take away his internet and computer – nothing in or out – he’s effectively neutralized even if you give him a perfectly good typewriter, which dissidents of the past would have given anything to get.

            Take away the typewriter and he’s essentially muzzled. People can hardly write anything by hand anymore; I should know; I’m one of them.

    • Konkvistador says:

      I actually expect the list is badly incomplete and misleading. We of course are familiar with recent purgings, I expect we tend to abstract away previous leftist punishment. Can someone email this list to an old grumpy Paleoconservative and ask him to add 1960s to 1990s purges to the list?

      • Handle says:

        I agree completely. That why I ask for help.

        However, it seems to me there are something like four categories of purgings (feel free to add to this list too)
        1. The mostly academic, but not widely circulated in the media, no-researching-hate-facts purges starting in the late 60’s.
        2. The low-key, everyday, PC suppression and discipline that happens in organizations, starting in the most progressive ones in the 70’s and gradually spreading out from there.
        3. The purging of right-wing writers from right-wing journals or institutions in part of the ‘policing of respectable bounds of discourse’
        4. The very public, highly media-repeated, ‘pour encourager les autres‘ purgings (which may include some of the above if they are recent)

        The thing with category 4 is that there is indeed something new and distinct about the phenomenon that was enabled by the recent transition of a lot of textual intellectual life from print to the internet. Certainly, it was easier to look up news-story links from the later internet-era. But the blogosphere, the viral feeds, retweets and likes on facebook, suddenly amplified the amount of power a ‘public shaming / pressure campaign’ could have, and after a few initial demonstrated successes, it just became a new modus operandi

        And there is also the gay issue, which as you can see is responsible for a lot of purgings, but which has gone from being a mainstream object of gay-skeptical criticism to a mainstream object of gay-marriage-friendly purging in record time, and I think the disruptive role of the internet was a critical factor in the acceleration.

        Finally, there is the matter of obscurity. Taki’s is a pretty obscure publication, and in the past anyone could have published anything there and it might never have escaped the tiny bubble, or maybe the members of the first concentric circle of in-person human networks. But today, everything everybody ever writes is easily, freely, and instantly available to everyone.

        And part of what that has done is to incentivize the genesis of a whole volunteer-auxiliary doxing detective-corps of the internet thought-police, where these evil people can feel good about themselves by impressing the-powers-that-be by their diligence and loyalty to the inquisition.

        So maybe it’s more accurate than we think. And anyway, like I said, the way to make this more accurate is for people to help me to add other instances.

        • Busdriver says:

          I agree with your categorizations, but you miss the point of the source of these problems: WOMEN.

          The more women enter politics the more PC it will become.
          The more women enter academia the more PC it will become.
          The more women enter mainstream media the more PC it will become.
          The more women enter the workplace the more PC it will become.

          Hence your categories are true but artificial. The only thing that matters are women.

          Kick women out and get rid of women’s suffrage
          and all problems from immigration to national debts and PC will resolve automagically.

          • Jefferson says:

            Obviously removing women’s suffrage will return us to the halcyon days of the 19th century, from which we could never possibly return to the modern status quo because humanity *always* learns from past mistakes, right?

          • Busdriver says:


            Men _do_ learn from past mistakes. That’s why they didn’t vote for Obama the second time around.

            It’s women who don’t learn. It’s women who not only don’t learn but who actively wanted more of Obama.

          • VXXC says:

            As I like to remind my former brothers in arms currently undergoing the “all soldiers are rapists” purge – do add the entire male military to the list Handle – “The Daughters of Salem bring the WitchHunt wherever they go..”

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  5. Dan says:

    I think the best response is that when the cameras and rolling and you are called to make your groveling public recantation, say something that causes big collateral damage. If during the run-up to the holocaust, armed Jews had gone down shooting as they were being rounded up, the project would have been totally unworkable.

    These public purges would loose their appeal if people worked to expose their tormenters on their way out, including the vocal acknowledgement that they are being purged by a profoundly illiberal society.

    Such as:

    “I agree to apologize for my poorly phrased comment if gays agree to apologize for the mass killing of hundreds of thousands of people through their behavior. After that, you can purge me for insufficient loyalty, Soviet-style. Fair?”

    Mark Steyn is still around because he doesn’t run from a fight. If your goal is to expose the other side and they give you the spotlight, perfect! James Watson apologized and it didn’t help him. What if instead he had said, “You know what? Science doesn’t always give you the answers you want to hear. And here are 100 citations in support of my comment.” The tormenters would have shouted “CUT! CUT!” and fumbled to move the spotlight away.

    • Dan says:

      ‘loose’ should be ‘lose’

    • peppermint says:

      the queers would love to hear about their mass killings, because (1) the man on the street does not associate them with killing, but with sodomy, sacrilege, pedophilia, disease and drug use, and purges for anyone who mentions it (2) the whole “pink triangle” sympathy play focuses on mass killings of gays.

      the GRID deaths angle is hard to argue because it’s really mass suicide; people often don’t know much about epidemiology. Sometimes the queers argue that they should be allowed to donate blood; this makes people angry; perhaps it supplies a teachable moment to inform that nowadays most AIDS patients aren’t queer or something. Blood donation from queers was banned years ago because that’s how Isaac Asimov got it, which then proves that acquired immunodeficiency sydrome has nothing to do with gays (i noticed how odd a term AIDS is, and the euphemism treadmill, long before turning on the queers).

      If you want to argue against them, mention sodomites -> queers -> homosexuals -> gays -> lgbtiqq2sa+, because people’s sympathy vanishes when they are reminded that sympathy is used for purges. Otherwise, you’re left mentioning sodomy, pedophilia, disease and drug use, like Phil Roberson did.

  6. Dan says:

    People in the reactosphere should relish being purged. You have something to say, and now is your chance! There are no actual internment camps, no prisons or torture. We live in an abundant society where it is almost impossible to starve or freeze.

    In the extreme event that you are robbed of your livelihood and blocked from ever getting another one (unlikely I think) we live a rich society and you’ll get by. You can even sign up for a ton of government programs and blog about it, if none of your family will help you.

    Look at George Zimmerman. The president and much of the country took part in two minutes of hate against him that lasted two whole years. And he is happy as a clam, grinning with guns and his artwork. The Duck Dynasty clan are happy and celebrating Christmas.

    If Solzhenitsyn and his ilk could face actual mass slaughter and gulags, surely we can face this. Unless you work in Internet P.R. Now Sacco will have to get a regular job or get married. Most guys will honestly overlook the fact that the whole world hates her since she is pretty and fair. If she spends the rest her life in anxiety, it is only because she drinks too much leftist Koolaid. A reactionary would find the situation worth a good story, like a battle scar.

    • Handle says:

      Love the passion! And I’d say, “Sure, you go first,” except it would be equally futile. Remember Patton, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

      Solzhenitsyn’s bravery was exceptional, but he and all the others like him didn’t bring the Soviet Union down or even pose it much threat. None of the purges I list pose any threat to the progressives either. Do you have a contrary example?

      Today, a person who is purged for reasons of political incorrectness, regardless of what one thinks of the content of their speech, is usually just thought of dumb for being too stupid to avoid being purged, both by being keenly sensitive to the winds of the ‘threat environment’, and by being careful, clever, diplomatic, and ambiguous (Straussian?) enough with their words to avoid persecution through plausible deniability. This is a perfectly reasonable point, “Didn’t you see the sign that said ‘minefield’ when you decided to wander past that gate? Why are you so surprised you stepped on one. You must be a bit dumb.”

      So, no thanks. Those kinds of symbolic gestures as as pointless as pursuing relief through the political system. Power is found not in pointless individual sacrifice but in unified numbers. The internet provides an opportunity for quasi-anonymous coordination in the legal arena of the commercials markets. When you don’t have guns available – which the progressives haven’t required for their purges – you can still borrow from Mao and realize that, these days, ‘political power also grows out of the leverage over e-commerce.’

      Don’t step on mines. Build power, then use it.

      • Dan says:

        I’ll quote what I said earlier:

        “James Watson apologized and it didn’t help him. What if instead he had said, “You know what? Science doesn’t always give you the answers you want to hear. And here are 100 citations in support of my comment.” The tormenters would have shouted “CUT! CUT!” and fumbled to move the spotlight away.”

        My point is, the PC inquisition is looking for dumb rubes to make an example of. In my view, the last thing they want is to face facts and data. It is the metaphorical garlic to a vampire.

        Paula Dean wasn’t sophisticated and instead used the ‘N’ word like a dummy. Never do that!

        Solzhenitsyn made a huge difference. Everything changed in the outside world after he published Gulag Archipelago. It took the wind right out of the sails of leftists worldwide and the Soviet Union was immediately out of fashion among thinkers everywhere. And more, inside the Soviet Union was far better after Solzhenitsyn started writing than before. Orders of magnitude less killing and oppression.

    • peppermint says:

      > You can even sign up for a ton of government programs and blog about it,

      blog about what, how gleefully the paper-pushers reject you?

      > if none of your family will help you

      they have jobs too. their support has to be clandestine unless you shut up.

      • Like a G-6 says:

        This is why Tor/I2P/Freenet and GnuPG (for ‘signing’ your screeds pseudonymously) will be very important. It is possible, today, to screed under a persistent and un-forgeable cryptographic pseudonym. One has to watch out for text-analysis if one is high profile in both pseudo and real senses, and/or watch out for reversals of their voice synth algorithms, but otherwise as long as one is careful with information one can be practically indiscoverable!

    • jamesd127 says:

      Zimmerman is a overgrown boy scout. Not only is he always doing his good deed, he is always prepared. He is not very smart, but unlike some very smart people, he is always prepared, as the fire extinguisher incident shows. He shot Trayvon directly through the heart, which implies he knows exactly where the heart is located in the human body, which in turn implies he thought in advance “What happens if a criminal is very close to me, and I have to make him stop immediately?”, and probably enacted the drill a few times.

      It is an odd thing. I am always doing stuff that should qualify me for a two minute hate, have been doing it for many years, and no one ever pays much attention. Perhaps people figure I am unlikely to yield, and might well be hard to locate.

      Phil Robertson was targeted because far more visible than I, Sacco targeted because easy to destroy her livelihood.

      • Handle says:

        Human targeting happens in two, continuously-updating, steps. First you do constant intelligence gathering to add to your target list and compile something like a bombing/basic encyclopedia with dossiers, etc. And second, you separate the targets into a few categories and prioritize so you can most efficiently allocate your limited resources.

        So, for categories, we distinguish between High Value Targets, High Payoff Targets, Soft or Hard Targets, and Targets of Opportunity. Of course, there’s always ‘trolling’ operations trying to entice targets to either reveal themselves or make themselves vulnerable. All the volunteer auxiliary thought police are like a million little radar-surveillance operations, constantly scanning their sectors of the internet for enemy bogies.

        You are always looking for quick, easy, and big wins.

        Value in this context is a function of how prominent and famous an individual is; essentially the ability to translate the take-down into a successful information / psychological operation. Payoff is related, but sometimes there is a ‘hook’ to the story that is more important for self-propagating viral dissemination than the identity of the individual – which was true in Sacco’s case. Also, she was a soft-target given her particular position in public relations.

        The biggest wins are those instances where you can convince the adversary to factionalize and turn in on themselves. Getting the other side to off one of their own prominent members and/or cut off a whole wing of their organization as ‘not on our side anymore’ are giant victories – the stuff of legend.

  7. VXXC says:

    “If Solzhenitsyn and his ilk could face actual mass slaughter and gulags, surely we can face this.”
    This is true. But no more martyrs and get yer own gang.

    Handle is absolutely right about getting power, and making them pay.

    Mind you if a fight comes to you then any opponent no matter how large should know he or she will pay a price for hurting you. Basic rules of humanity.

  8. VXXC says:

    Can’t recommend these two works enough…Garnet Wolesey’s English View of the Civil War, and the Century Series on Battles and Leaders of the Civil War.


    Free Stuff. That happens to be priceless.

    • jamesd127 says:

      Wolesely is very smart, very insightful – a progressive, but clear sighted, in a time when it was permissible to see things that are now forbidden to be seen.

      He believed that rank in the army should be assigned on merit, rather than birth and wealth, yet noticed that in China, Chinese officers who obtained rank on merit were terrible, while aristocratic officers were impressive. Made a similar observation in the Ashantee wars, where he made some wonderfully politically incorrect remarks about the common blacks, while being reasonably impressed by his black aristocratic opponents.

      Of course we see plenty of examples of aristocracy resulting in rule by inane idiots, for example pre-revolutionary France. It is not altogether clear why some aristocratic regimes work and some fail horribly.

      • Handle says:

        I think a certain fraction of men are born to express genuinely noble psychological tendencies and leadership traits if they are conditioned early on by the mere experience of being born into their group’s traditional form of ‘aristocracy’. They take on the whole demeanor and outlook and paternalistic sense of patriarchal responsibility quite naturally. They don’t need to be geniuses or command vast kingdoms, but it helps if they are relatively superior in intellect and some other characteristics in the local context.

        Because of these ‘natural psychological modes’, it turns out to be very easy for noble classes of very different groups to relate to and interact with each other – having more in common in their dispositions to each other than they do to members of lower classes of their own respective groups.

        Part of the problem with American underclass areas is that the processes of the system make every active effort to cream off the natural aristocrats from their original communities, where they would form a natural local overclass, and fold them into the imperial mediocre class, or occasionally over-promote them into the imperial overclass where they could hardly compete on merit and so have to rely on special social privileges.

  9. VXXC says:

    For instance here’s how to royally fugg up a long shot at the outset. The Confederate Government inaction. I do mean inaction. [sound familiar?]. They kept fuggn it, the Confederate leadership were professional politicians.


  10. monk says:

    Sorry I can’t make any contributions to your list but this sentence from the NYT article about Ender’s Game is sickening:

    “Glaad, a gay-rights organization that tracks media, reviewed the script and found nothing to criticize.”

    Holy crap! Any grievance group now gets to vet random movie scripts?!?

    • VXXC says:

      To succeed in Media/Entertainment you gotta play the game. True Forever.
      They’re whores. They surrendered their manhood as the price of success.
      They’re rather angry about this and it’s straight men’s fault.

      There’s the slut shaming ploy.

  11. anonymous says:

    think local, act local

    1. feel free to think hate truth in your head
    2. feel free to speak hate truth in your own home
    3. feel free to speak hate truth anywhere on your block (whether that means you move, or you purge your neighborhood, or whatever means you have to go about)
    4. go from there. expand the sphere of safety outward from yourself. eventually overlapping spheres will create a new territory. from there you demand autonomy. then you fight for it, and then you win

  12. Philip Neal says:

    What are the criteria for inclusion? Must the issue be race? Intelligence? What about climate or passive smoking? How distinguished must the victim be, and must they have lost their livelihood? I propose:

    Geoffrey Sampson, 12-MAY-2002. http://grsampson.net/CDissident.html
    Bruce Charlton, 11-MAY-2010 http://medicalhypotheses.blogspot.co.uk/

    and I would challenge the inclusion of John Strugnell. He had a drink problem, was years behind schedule, reserved exclusive access to the scrolls for his coterie and smeared the equally distinguished Geza Vermes as ‘incompetent’.

    • Handle says:

      The question of criteria is a good one. Like I said, it’s ‘inchoate’, something to do with the PC-inquisition which includes both those that express taboo-truths and those that, for any reason, hold any opinion for any reason that falls short of outright celebration of certain favored categories of identity. There exists a ‘Blue Orthodoxy’, and this is a list of anyone who is persecuted for being a heretic against it. Yes, that definitely includes the climate stuff, and more abstractly, also includes anyone who says anything against what emerges as a useful ‘political-exploitation of science’ which includes the smoking stuff and plenty of re-labelling of what qualifies as ‘illness’. It also includes some blasphemous historians, and the example which comes to mind would include Charles Beard being dropped from the heights of respectable society for his ‘FDR and the coming of the war’.

      Some items are definitely going to be more debatable and marginal than others. I came across “John Strugnell” by a simple google search for something like ‘resigned or fired or pressure +”after comments” -“federal reserve”‘ I’ll remove it if I someone seconds the motion. I’ll talk a look at your examples too.

  13. 14-AUG-2013: Vox Day purged from the SFWA.

    (This is a clear example, but I’m slightly torn by the fact that the article which got Day eliminated is a little below the belt. I mean, he spends a paragraph calling one of his interlocutors ugly, which is unbecoming of a gentleman and a Christian.)

    • Erik says:

      I’m not familiar with the specific article (point me?), but in my experience, Vox Day throws punches on the same level as he gets. He’s described a few times how he considers some debates to be matters of logic, others of rhetoric. And when he does get insulting, he generally doesn’t build his arguments on the personal attacks. I like this quote from The Irrational Atheist as exemplifying it:
      “Richard Dawkins is wrong. Daniel C. Dennett is wrong. Christopher Hitchens is drunk, and he’s wrong. Michel Onfray is French, and he’s wrong.”

  14. Fake Herzog says:

    Enoch Powell – purged from the Tory party for being a Euro skeptic and of course it didn’t help him that he had just eloquently sounded the alarm about immigration (see Ed West’s book for the details).

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  16. Anon And On And On says:

    Fitting or no?
    1968-1972 – McGovern Commission writes feminist, anti-racist, pro-youth policy enabling purge of “non-diverse”.factions in Democratic Party
    1972 – Jesse Jackson and Feminists combine to purge Illinois’ white ethnic delegation from the Democratic National Convention.on grounds of insufficient diversity ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1972_Democratic_National_Convention#Delegate_selection )

    March 2003 — David Frum attempts to purge “unpatriotic conservatives” such as Pat Buchanan and Robert Nowak for opposing the Iraq war.

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  18. Jefferson says:

    It feels like something is missing, here, and I’m having a hard time articulating it. Addressing this seems like a) attacking a symptom (even if it’s a nasty one), and b) escalation/confrontation.

    Speech restrictions aren’t necessarily about power. Did anyone get purged for criticizing the ACA, the adventure in Libya, or our absurd dancy-dance with Iran? The things that we’re not allowed to say are often taboo for good reason in the context of our current system. Demotism and free speech often lead to ethnic cleansing, amongst other “fun” populist adventure. So the problem isn’t necessarily that speech is restricted, but that the restricted speech is often pointing out real problems that are not being addressed by our ruling elite. Crime rates, test scores, etc. that vary between groups are issues that should not concern any of us. They should be handled appropriately by our leaders (and for a moment of high-horseyness: if you can’t generate a decent risk assessment based on how a person or group is dressed and need to short-hand to skin tone I don’t want you in my Neoreaction; outliers exist and need to be accounted for). The system is the problem, and trying to change this one facet without fixing what’s broke is destined to fail.

    Secondly, are we expecting the people who benefit from the current regime to take this lying down? What’s the likely outcome of protecting total freedom of speech through the threat of mob action? The progressives are throwing punches, and if conservatives respond by punching back, what will the progressive response be? How long before it gets to physical violence, or credible threats thereof? If this is the hill Neoreaction chooses to make its stand on, it better be ready for what will come. If you’re ready to defend the rights of the universal villains (Nazis) to say whatever they want, you’d better be ready to be treated like a villain.

    • R7 Rocket says:

      In reply to Jefferson, civil war is inevitable. With $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities (thus the eventual failure to pay the armed enforcers of the Cathedral in reliable currency) and technological advances putting homemade guided missiles into literate people’s hands, fragmentation is likely. History is littered with dead empires put down by the inability to pay the legions and/or getting tripped up by unsuspected technology.

      • Handle says:

        Hmm.. I’m very skeptical. The violence to societal economic distress ratio seems to have gone down in the West. It’s a combination of ‘distress’ not being as bad as it was in the past with real risks of mass homelessness and starvation, and also the increased capability of states to hit back if the government has the willpower to do so. What do you make of southern Europe, which has defaulted on a lot of promises. Detroit goes bankrupt, but everybody just leaves, nothing explodes.

        • Detroit goes bankrupt, but everybody just leaves, nothing explodes.

          The whites were expelled from detroit, they did not just leave. Attempt to expel whites from the US, where are they going to go?

          • Handle says:

            The whites fled from Detroit center (they didn’t need much of a push, though they certainly got one) years ago, like whites did to different extents in a hundred other cities. But it’s the blacks that have been leaving lately in droves and without a bizarro Coleman Young trying to push them out. Quite the contrary, Bing tried to keep them in. Were they expelled too? No. Things got worse and worse and instead of fighting or rioting (more than normal), they just took off.

            Anyway, the question isn’t about whites vs blacks. The question posed is about the consequences of a welfare-state collapse when a deficit-financed ponzi-scheme bubble bursts in the contemporary context.

            We likely haven’t witnessed ‘the true Scotsman’ example because of the bailouts and so on, but it seems to me the situation in Spain, Greece, Cyprus, etc. is pretty awful, especially for young people, and yet there is enough distribution of bread and moms’ basements, that we don’t even see 0.1% of the kind of unrest ‘Civil War’ implies.

            I expect those states to work through their collapses by defaulting on maybe half of their formal and informal obligations. But I don’t see proximate Civil War as the result.

        • R7 Rocket says:

          The destruction of the currency combined with a growing armed surplus single male population is not a good sign for an empire.

          Detroit and Southern Europe are ruled over by Pax Americana, with Pax Americana temporarily losing control of Greece (This manifested itself as “Golden Dawn”). Rome after all, temporarily lost part of its Eastern Empire to Palmyra and then crushed Palmyra, but the Roman Empire still broke apart later on. One of the lessons of DE is that empires cannot live forever, not even Chinese Dynasties.

          • R7 Rocket says:

            Since I’m Eurasian, I’m not planning on visiting Greece anytime soon, even though the Cathedral regained control and imprisoned the Golden Dawn leaders. The native Greek police force clandestinely supported GD and only arrested the GD leaders when forced to do so by the Cathedral.

            I’m not betting my life on Pax Americana’s ability to retain control in Greece.

            P.S. I do understand why GD arose. The hospitality of the Greeks were being abused by African and Muslim immigrants. With the Cathedral’s blessing.

    • Handle says:

      ‘If this is the hill Neoreaction chooses to make its stand on, it better be ready for what will come.’

      The hill that provides overwatch cover for all the other hills is a pretty important one. If individuals don’t feel completely free to discuss and explore every other important issue honestly without bringing a plague upon their house and getting purged (and without any support network to rely upon), then what other hill would you suggest?

      ‘If you’re ready to defend the rights of the universal villains (Nazis) to say whatever they want, you’d better be ready to be treated like a villain.’

      Ha! Too late. But fine. Where do you like to draw the line between respectable and beyond-the-pale.

      • Jefferson says:

        I just don’t think that the free exchange of *all* ideas is as important as getting our ideas accepted in the right places. The purges that matter are the ones at Harvard, since Harvard runs the world. There needs to be a distinction between keeping a low-thought populist from saying things like, “well gays should stop choosing to be gay (so let’s send them to the camps where they get made straight)” and stopping the future mother of the head of Goldman Sachs from suggesting in confidence that population genetics influence IQ. Where do I draw the line? Well, I know it when I see it. A one-size-fits-all-speech law renders distinctions impossible, and limits them to loopholes (you can’t say racist/sexist/homophobic things if you participate in the economy, because that proves that you violate our laws regarding hiring practices/services/etc.).

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  21. Don’t forget all revisionists who have been fined, fired, jailed, harassed or physically attacked because of their views.

  22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikolaos_Michaloliakos

    Jailed for being the leader of a nationalist party during a time of political change.

    • R7 Rocket says:

      The Cathedral has regained its control over Greece. But Rome once regained control of its Eastern Empire from Palmyra… and Rome still fell.

  23. Steve Sailer says:

    2003 — Gregg Easterbrook purged from writing his NFL column at ESPN.com for something he blogged at TNR:


  24. Steve Sailer says:

    The most important purge involving Patrick Buchanan was WF Buckley’s around 1991. That seems like a crucial event in the history of the last two decades.

    • Steve Sailer says:

      An interesting thing about Buchanan is he hung on far longer with CNN and MSNBC than with the Nat. Rev. right.

      • MD says:

        Steve, what do you think that says about CNN/MSNBC? I remember Maddow calling him ‘Uncle Pat’ in a kindly and aw shucks condescending manner, but not really taking him seriously. Certainly didnt treat him as an intellectual threat. I often thought they liked having a Republican anti-war voice when there was a Republican in the Presidency. Once Obama won they wanted unified pro-war voices.

      • R7 Rocket says:

        National Review seems to be unable to stop entryists like Steorts.

  25. Steve Sailer says:

    Later 1990s — Psychometrician Chris Brand getting fired from Edinburgh U. after publication of his IQ book “The g Factor.”

    Same time frame: Psychometrician Christopher Jencks unable to find a mainstream publisher for his magnum opus “The g Factor” and eventually has to resort to a mail order publisher.

    • pnin1957 says:

      Jensen, not Jencks.

    • Handle says:

      The Brand thing is tough. Yes, he was getting plenty harassed for the g factor and calling himself a ‘Scientific Racist’. But then there’s the harmless pedophilia comment, and even though it was probably a target-of-opportunity pretext, it’s hard to prove that it wasn’t the sole casus termini. He still shouldn’t have been fired for it, and it’s almost impossible to have a rational and unemotional conversation with people about pubescent sexuality or whether men who are attracted to prepubescents should be castrated.

      • But then there’s the harmless pedophilia comment,

        He was arguing for a thirteen year old age of consent. Thirteen year olds are not paedophilia. Until quite recently they were legal in most countries, and in many countries, for example France, they only pretend that that thirteen year olds are illegal in order to avoid being harassed by the Cathedral,

        By and large, little girls start getting interested in sex at ten or eleven, and develop breasts, start menstruating, become potentially capable of getting pregnant, at twelve or thirteen.

        That he was punished for his pedophila comment is another example of being punished for speaking truth to power.

        • Handle says:

          Yes, of course. I know he wasn’t advocating genuine prepubescent pedophilia with children prior to the development of secondary sexual characteristics, genuine independent interest in sexual relations, and sufficient maturity to consent. That’s how it was played in the press, but it was false. That reminds me – didn’t Landsberg get in trouble for a thought experiment lately?

          But Sailer said it was about the g-factor. They all hated Brand for the g-factor, and were looking for a reason to get rid of him because of it, but that’s not how he lost tenure and got purged.

          • nobodynothing343 says:

            So what’s “tough” about it? You just summarized it in one sentence. Stop prevaricating because pedophilia makes you uncomfortable. If you want to be this anti-PC hero, you gotta bite the bullet. PC begins in America with policing language around pedophilia. It’s not something you get to overlook as too complicated. If you can’t handle it, go find another hobby. You: “Got purged for uncomfortable race-talk? Let’s put it up! Got purged for uncomfortable pedo-talk? Ooooh that’s a hard one guys!”

  26. Steve Sailer says:

    Glenn Beck from Fox.

  27. Steve Sailer says:

    Alexander Cockburn may or may not have been purged from the Village Voice in 1982.

    In general, it’s interesting to compare the career paths of Cockburn (toward marginalization) and Christopher Hitchens (toward beatification), despite being two fairly similar talents.

  28. Steve Sailer says:

    Hollywood macher Michael Ovitz after his “gay mafia” remarks, although he was already on the way out.

    • Steve Sailer says:

      Various black performers have gotten in trouble for anti-gay remarks, but those are generally brief sensations. I can vaguely recall some black actor on a prime-time ensemble drama whose career was badly derailed, but I can’t remember his name.

    • Chagnon was punished for reporting that evolution is still under way, and human nature reflects evolutionary pressures.

      In 1988 the government introduced the hate crimes statistics act, to manufacture evidence of epidemic of hate crimes. Before then the phrase “hate crime” was almost unknown.

      After evidence of a hate crime epidemic is manufactured, we then get the phrases “hate crime” and “hate speech” growing rapidly, maxing in 2000. This prefigures a movement to denormalize hate speech, such as, for example, the proposition that evolution is still under way.

      The denormalization of nazi speech, of course, starts in World War II.

      The denormalization of hate speech, for example to say that sex change operations don’t work very well and are apt to leave the patient stranded in the middle of uncanny valley, starts around 1988.

      While acknowledging that the denormalization of nazi speech has prevented honest discussion of judaism and the role of Jews, I think that this is a separate phenomenon to the denormalization of hate speech.

  29. Steve Sailer says:

    You can also look at dogs that don’t bark: tenured professors are very hard to fire.

    • Steve Sailer says:

      For example, Noam Chomsky has been doing his anti-American foreign policy thing for 45 years or more, and he’s still a professor at MIT. On the other hand, Chomsky never appears in, say, the op-ed columns of the New York Times. I can recall about 1974-75 Chomsky being invited to write two long op-eds in the LA Times about the injustice being done to the East Timorese by the U.S. agreeing to Indonesia’s takeover, but those are more the exception than the rule. Granted, Chomsky isn’t a scintillating writer, but foreigners seem to find him readable in translation.

      • Handle says:

        I wonder what Chomsky’s ‘legacy’ will be. It’d be great if you could write your thoughts on it at your blog.

        His influence was highest when he was young and during war-time Republican administrations. Now he’s old, it’s just not done for someone on the left to criticize Obama too strongly (or reproduce the writing of someone that does), and the country is exhausted and quickly disengaging from direct armed conflict. I think the coincidental unfortunate timing will cause people in the future to typecast him as merely counter-Vietnam, fold him into all the others who were like that, and quickly forget the rest.

        The Chomsky quote that most influenced me was his Marx-like reversal of the conventional wisdom. Something like, ‘Actually, it was the U.S. that won the Vietnam war.’ (He thought that ‘win’ was a bad thing too). The ‘case’, if you could call it that, was that the material (though not political) conditions of life in the U.S. went on almost untouched, whereas Vietnam was a Pyrrhic victory for the North because all they inherited was a smoking pile of scorched earth which they could only run in the manner of North Korea.

        The rest of the world saw what would happen if they got on the wrong side of the Cold War, and those countries with problematic Communist insurgencies quickly got on board with the U.S. to get the help and diplomatic cover they needed to crush those movements in their infancy, and not let them fester into disaster as the French has done in Indochina.

        So, in the grand scheme of Cold War logic, says Chomsky, Vietnam was totally worth it. I’ve shared this theory with several Vietnamese-immigrant friends or colleagues and to my shock they tended to strongly agree with it.

        Under the spell of merely the narrative given to me by my normal public school education, this idea never, ever would have occurred to me.

        • Scharlach says:

          Chomsky’s recent interview at Slate finds him sounding like a slightly more reserved version of us:

          One big problem is that the white working class has been pretty much abandoned by the political system. The Democrats don’t even try to organize them anymore. The Republicans claim to do it; they get most of the vote, but they do it on non-economic issues, on non-labor issues. They often try to mobilize them on the grounds of issues steeped in racism and sexism and so on, and here the liberal policies of the 1960s had a harmful effect because of some of the ways in which they were carried out. There are some pretty good studies of this. Take busing to integrate schools. In principle, it made some sense, if you wanted to try to overcome segregated schools. Obviously, it didn’t work. Schools are probably more segregated now for all kinds of reasons, but the way it was originally done undermined class solidarity.

          For example, in Boston there was a program for integrating the schools through busing, but the way it worked was restricted to urban Boston, downtown Boston. So black kids were sent to the Irish neighborhoods and conversely, but the suburbs were left out. The suburbs are more affluent, professional and so on, so they were kind of out of it. Well, what happens when you send black kids into an Irish neighborhood? What happens when some Irish telephone linemen who have worked all their lives finally got enough money to buy small houses in a neighborhood where they want to send their kids to the local school and cheer for the local football team and have a community, and so on? All of a sudden, some of their kids are being sent out, and black kids are coming in. How do you think at least some of these guys will feel? At least some end up being racists. The suburbs are out of it, so they can cluck their tongues about how racist everyone is elsewhere, and that kind of pattern was carried out all over the country.

          The same has been true of women’s rights. But when you have a working class that’s under real pressure, you know, people are going to say that rights are being undermined, that jobs are being under- mined. Maybe the one thing that the white working man can hang onto is that he runs his home? Now that that’s being taken away and nothing is being offered, he’s not part of the program of advancing women’s rights. That’s fine for college professors, but it has a different effect in working-class areas.

          Link: http://www.salon.com/2013/12/01/noam_chomsky_america_hates_its_poor_partner/

          Most people in the humanities, in my experience, do not like Chomsky. His linguistic theory is dead-set against the ‘everything is a linguistic construct’ school of postmodern thought, and his politics are class-based, so he rarely has anything nice to say about the race/gender pimps.

          • Handle says:

            Interesting. Thanks. That explanation goes a long way towards elucidating Sailer’s ‘Dog that doesn’t bark’ thesis about him. What do you think it means for how he’ll be remembered (he is 85, after all).

      • Chomsky is a professor of linguistics. Why, exactly, should the New York Times ask him to write an op-ed on anything but linguistics? The fact that he has been shooting off his mouth about politics for 45 years doesn’t make him an authority on the subject.

    • Steve Sailer says:

      For example, J. Michael Bailey of Northwestern was subjected to a ferocious campaign by three very bright transsexuals — McCloskey, Conway, and Roughgarden — for writing a book saying that transsexuals don’t really feel like girls on the inside, it’s more commonly a sexual fetish. But the 3 trannie avengers couldn’t didn’t cost Bailey his job because he has tenure. Here’s a good NYT story by Benedict Carey on the subject:


      • Alrenous says:

        I have a copy of that book. I may not have read it thoroughly; but the NYT’s description of the book seems heinously uncharitable. Can I get a page number or quote or something?

    • tenured professors are very hard to fire.

      One does not muzzle sheep.

      But when, surprisingly, a sheep bites, turns out that something remarkably similar to firing can quite easily be done, for example Napoleon Chagnon, who “retired early”.

  30. Jefferson says:

    So it’s starting to look like this falls into three categories: 1) Pointing out the lack of the Emperor’s clothes (which seems mostly to manifest itself as “Jewish people sure do run a lot of things”), 2) Pointing out that science is racist/sexist/homophobic, and 3) saying something idiotic and overly rednecky. 1) will resolve itself if we switch to a less inherently insecure governing structure (USG runs the world, is concerned with being called out and being replaced by Christians from flyover states). 2) is a problem, if we want to make any sort of progress on economic efficiency (stop wasting so much money on trying to make women into men, Blacks into Whites, and letting Gays run the media), but isn’t a huge problem on the individual level. 3) is *the* problem for neoreaction, though. It’s a trap, and so many of us fall into it far too often. The perfect example is the Derbyshire firing. He wrote an article that started off as #2, but segued into #3 for no apparent reason. His section on dealing with Blacks (section 10) suggests that he does not think his children are capable of exercising judgement based on behavior and signaling, and as such should judge primarily on skin color, and his bit about befriending a black to use as a shield is borderline sociopathic (this was maybe humor?). It’s one thing to defend Greg Cochran’s germ theory (or the statistics that Derb quoted), it’s another to leap to the defense of idiocy (maybe tell your kids to avoid people dressed like gangbangers, regardless of race instead of suggesting that they avoid the church choir that lets out from practice in polos and slacks). This latest pile of duck turds is another fine time for us to *not* defend the right to free un-pc speech. Homosexuality is wrong for so many reasons (it reduces reproductive fitness dramatically, is basically a disability), and potentially dangerous (disease vectors, possible contamination of pregnant women/infants), but it’s also definitely not a matter of saying “I like buttsecks more than vag.” Pretty much all of these reality stars are unrepentant morons, and if one is dumb enough to break our unwritten speech code, it’s more an indictment of him and our idiotic panem et circenses than of the codes that stop Harvard from running our country well.

    • His section on dealing with Blacks (section 10) suggests that he does not think his children are capable of exercising judgement based on behavior and signaling, and as such should judge primarily on skin color

      Oh come on. If you are walking down the street, the context that he addresses, the only reliable information you have is skin color

      Further, even if you have lots of other information, it does not make a whole lot of difference. For example, banks tried to sort out blacks likely to repay loans from blacks unlikely to repay loans. Blacks with the same income, credit rating, and asset levels had three times the default rates of equivalent whites. The banks would have been better off ignoring all information other than blackness.

      • Handle says:

        It’s not the only reliable information, but the point is it’s relevant and material to a realistic risk assessment, which is an important thing to be able to talk honestly about. It’s a question of ranking correlation coefficients. Jefferson is claiming that ‘signalling’ behaviors and dress are the most explanatory variables, but the data proves otherwise. For example, the most useful thing to know about the riskiness of a group of urban fashion teens moving towards you is gender. Fortunately, it’s not taboo to point that out, so one can give simple advice relating to clearly observable objective factors ‘watch out for groups of teen boys or young men’.

        And furthermore, what we know about crime that we can use in life we gather statistically, not with video. So we aren’t going to be able to analyze data on ‘how the group of young men were signalling the menace in the way they always do and which any teenager could immediately detect from across the block’.

        Even worse, people are pretty proficient at hiding their criminal intent when they want to, as when they walk past cops or want to play the knockout game. When you watch the few videos we have, the knockers are careful to ‘play it cool’ while the knockees are polite and oblivious to the coming threat. The question is, ‘What is the simplest, accurate way to communicate to the knockees what they should have been doing instead?’

        In a time after political correctness, one could imagine a public service announcement from law enforcement officials trying to correct the Bayesian priors of the populace (which is what ‘The Talk’ in the form of funny-because-its-true satire of black writers doing the exact opposite, was getting at) ‘Recent analysis shows people are unwittingly exposing themselves to a new danger. Watch out for and avoid the following kinds of groups and situations …’

        • Jefferson says:

          I’m going to go out on a limb and wager that I’ve dealt with quite a bit more street violence than most of the folks in our community (and certainly a lot more than Derb has). In the 7th grade, I was jumped by a diverse group of kids (mostly white, one or two black kids). The high school I went to was plurality White (if you include Jews as White) and incredibly violent. I was never targeted for violence after that one time, and perhaps I can share what I learned with you all.

          Firstly, violent people dress like violent people. I had a few acquaintances from the projects who were good (Black) guys. Not a one of them dressed like a thug. Conversely, there were a couple of kids who took the same city bus I took who ended up in Sing Sing. One was a White guy (Italian, I think), the other was Black (and had been friends with some of my friends before falling in with a bad crowd) and both of them signaled that their violent intent by wearing the traditional garb of an urban thug (baggy pants, huge jackets, expensive stolen shoes). It’s like a uniform for violent miscreants, and it transcends race (and gender, on occasion).

          Secondly, it’s a big world and there are a lot of outliers. A large group of teenage boys is more threatening than a large group of teenage girls, right? Except when it’s not. The vast majority of fights I saw were guy-guy, girl-girl, or group-group, but the one time some guy said something wrong to the fat south-end girl it got really nasty really fast. There are plenty of White dude who want to be gangsters, too (especially now that gangster culture gets such a boner from the progressives). Easiest way for a White guy to get some cred is to jump someone (I guess this is what they call the knockout game now). Outliers are still outliers, but giving advice that doesn’t account for them is bad advice.

          Thirdly, behavior that seems uncharacteristic or out of place probably is. Violent thugs, knockout gamers, etc. are not criminal masterminds. You probably shouldn’t walk too closely to any large group of people, but if they’re being particularly quiet, or smiling while making eye contact instead of glaring, there’s a good chance something’s going to happen. If it’s the local college’s hockey team walking past, you’re more likely to get pantsed than punched, but the point remains. Situational awareness isn’t just for enlisted Army.

          Fourthly, people in groups are terrible, which is sort of the whole point of Neoreaction, isn’t it? Groups tend to behave at their lowest common denominator, which can be ascertained by considering many factors (race, class markers, subcultural uniform signaling, etc.), but oughtn’t take long to establish with a basic mental checklist.

          TL;DR – Derb’s article might be defensible (that’s debatable, in my opinion), but it’s definitely bad advice to give one’s children. If you think your kids are too dumb to parse data on the fly, go ahead and tell them to avoid Blacks (except the ones who go to boarding school, like Toure, right?), but they’ll be missing out on a big part of America and one of our most significant subcultures.

          • Derb’s article might be defensible (that’s debatable, in my opinion), but it’s definitely bad advice to give one’s children. If you think your kids are too dumb to parse data on the fly

            There is of course, considerable overlap between the worst white males and the best blacks.

            There is absolutely zero overlap between groups of white males, and groups of black males.

            However, unless the black is wearing a tuxedo, or unless you know the guys criminal history personally, observation of behavior and dress will not give you better information than observation of skin color.

            We already tried this with loans. It turns out that skin color is simply a better predictor than anything else that you are likely to get of propensity to repay loans. To conclude that a black man is likely to repay, you need quite unusual evidence of good behavior.

            You tell us that some of the whites you knew turned out to be criminals, and presumably many of the blacks turned out not to be criminals, but … you knew them. Not knowing them, nothing beats skin color as a predictor.

            And, even knowing them as well as a bank officer knows a loan applicant, nothing beats skin color as a predictor.

          • SMERSH says:

            This woman thought like you.


            “Fuller told her he was worried about his uncle at the hospital and wondered if she wouldn’t mind driving him up there so he could see him.

            ‘Yeah I’ll give you a ride if you promise not to hurt me,’ she joked, agreeing to drive him since the hospital was only four minutes away and Fuller was clean cut, well-spoken and well dressed.”

            Needless to say, she was raped and is now paralyzed from her savage pistol whipping. Derb’s advice would have kept her safe. White people are really dumb about this stuff, they need bright line rules.

          • Ace says:

            I thank God for every day that I don’t have to experience that subculture. I have hated every moment I couldn’t avoid it.

      • Jefferson says:

        Jim, you’re moving the goalposts. Science showing that Black (and Mestizo) future-time orientation is not compatible with a debt-based economy is one thing, advising one’s children to avoid Blacks for fear of violence is another. Derb set up a straw (Black) man; in the real world there is always more context than just race. When we defend him, we expend energy in a place we oughtn’t.

        • Derb set up a straw (Black) man; in the real world there is always more context than just race.

          In the you tube videos of blacks attacking whites, they were just generic blacks attacking whites out of the blue, indistinguishable from any other on the context available on the you tube.video.

          Which is as much context as you are likely to get walking down the street, which is the situation addressed by John Derbyshire.

    • Handle says:

      You will never, ever get taboo ideas accepted anywhere, let alone have them penetrate into the very heart of darkness, if you cannot speak openly about them without fear of personal consequences. If you are in a weak position, defense is much more important than offense.

      The progressives seek to ‘de-normalize’ certain forms of speech. They are also trying to ‘normalize’ certain tactics to deal with speech they don’t like, from lawsuits, criminalization, firing, or mob-harassment, and escalating quickly to ‘by any means necessary’ because, yes, controlling the bounds of discourse is that important. It’s a form of power that will tempt its pursuers into a willingness to do anything to achieve it.

      I say very simply that allowing your adversary to police the bounds of ‘civil’ discourse and determine what is ‘beyond the pale’ is a form of power, and that power is sure to be abused against you without checks and balances. If your society, cultural norms, or government wont provide you with those checks and balances, then you had better find a legal way to make some of your own. And quick!

      Instead of speech, I seek – indeed I assert that we all ought to seek – to denormalize all those tactics.

      Both sides have their equal and opposite benefits and costs.

      The progressives’ crusade will eliminate some speech that is genuinely stupid, bigoted, erroneous, etc. and which on the merits of the content deserves, along with the speakers, no good defense.

      It will also eliminate anything that is intelligent, reasonable, and true that is taboo and contradicts the Blue Orthodoxy or is politically inconvenient for them. And it will harm the good smart people who say those things, and it will bury the whole subject and flush truth down the memory hole by impeding the pursuit of real knowledge by anyone who can read the writing on the wall. This post, actually, is as much that writing on the wall for them as it is for us!

      My way would allow taboo things to be said without intimidation or chilling effects, at the cost of letting a lot of horrible stupid people say hateful and false things in public under their legal names and still keep their jobs. Short of genuine Brandenburg incitement, I’m totally willing to live with that.

      The prime purge-tactic-defending meta-tactic of the progressives, indeed, of the opponents of free-speech norms always and everywhere, is to say that the defenders of free-speech are defending the horrible stupid heretics and the wrong and awful things they say.

      Here’s the point to you Jefferson. If you let them have this meta-tactic superweapon, if you – as indeed you have done above – concede the point and/or sacrifice the hard-to-defend position in the hopes of winning success elsewhere on the battlefield, then you are operating under a delusion because they are going to use that power and that superweapon against you and march from strength to strength until they guarantee that you will lose the whole war.

      When your enemy shows you they have atomic bombs and are able and willing to use them, you either surrender or get some atomic bombs of your own. That’s it. Anything else is suicidal disaster.

      • Jefferson says:

        Handle, I think we generally agree that restrictions on speech are a powerful weapon, that they are historically ubiquitous, and that they are a problem in the world today. The more I stew this over, the more I feel that I was a bit cavalier, though. Restrictions on scientific speech are dramatically limiting our capacity for good government. If speech is the hill we decide to make our stand on, defending idiocy severely limits our ability to fight the speech fight where it matters. Saying, “all speech needs to be free” is an indefensible position because some speech is indefensible.

        • Handle says:

          ‘Saying, “all speech needs to be free” is an indefensible position because some speech is indefensible.’

          There’s several kinds of ‘indefensible’ which aren’t mutually exclusive.

          There is ‘indefensible because clearly false’. But you may notice that there are plenty of clearly false pretty lies that are popular and official and get plenty of support and ‘defense’. If only we could rely on the broader community of discourse to throw out all the lies, official and heretical, but we can’t.

          There is ‘indefensible because of a clear and present danger to safety and social order’. But that is ‘incitement’ and it is already against the law.

          And then there is ‘indefensible because extremely unpopular’ and you best watch out getting anywhere near these radioactive people because we’ll definitely deploy the weapon of the human tribal instinct towards guilt-by-association, even if you explicitly denounce the positions of these people.

          Of course some speech content is indefensible. I’m not trying to defend indefensible content. I’m trying to defend the norm that one goes after bad content with better content, bad arguments with better arguments and not ‘de-normalization’ ‘discourse bounds thought-policing’ and ‘severe social consequences’. This important distinction isn’t hard or new – Voltaire said it plainly three centuries ago.

          The norm of counterargument is under assault because the temptation of coercive social power to those who believe they are in the ascendant position is far too great. There is no way to stay on the respectable side of the line, no matter how much you try to disassociate yourself from the evil crazies, if what you say ever becomes too unpopular or inconvenient.

          I want to denormalize coercion and denormalize guilt-by-association. We’re not fragile children who need to have their ears cupped. We can take off the suffocating ideological gas masks with their thin-mesh content filters. The cost of breathing easier is that you might occasionally cough on some dust.

          The progressives pretend to be allergic to that dust at anaphylaxis levels, but we should not entertain or validate those complaints and instead mock them for their repulsive, whining hypersensitivity. Stop freaking out hysterically every time you see a little bug, and instead of succumbing to the urge to squash it, just ignore it and move on.

          I’ve already gotten a few emails and seen comments elsewhere about this list that say, “I agree with this entire list – except for XX, he totally got what was coming to him!”. Guess what, everything on this list is somebody’s XX. If you start trying to draw lines between defensible and indefensible, this list doesn’t exist.

          And that’s exactly what they want. It’s a trap. Don’t play into it.

          • peppermint says:

            how about indefensible because basilisk. Some people think that porn and certain videogames should, if not be outlawed directly, require licensing, because stupid people will willingly enslave themselves to them.

        • Ace says:

          It is not a question of what speech is or what speaker is defensible. Every last bit of speech must be able to be heard. It’s exactly as Thomas Jefferson said. The remedy for bad speech is more speech. Period.

          The courts have carved out workable exceptions to the idea of total freedom of speech.

  31. Steve Sailer says:

    Lots of examples of persecution of journalists from Canada under the old Liberal government: Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, etc. Not too many lately.

    • Handle says:

      That’s true. I put Steyn and Levant in there, but now that I think of it, there was that Canadian priest who said something about homosexuality and was prosecuted for it. There was also some comedian who called out some Lesbian heckler and was also prosecuted. And I seem to remember a case out of Britain (or was it Brighton?) where ‘kung fu fighting’ was seen as racist. There was that woman who got in court trouble based on that video on the train too.

      I’ll look those up when I get some time. My news-feed and memory are, alas, US-biased.

    • Ace says:

      Blazing Cat Fur got hauled before some human rights panel, I believe.

  32. SMERSH says:

    France – 2013

    Varg Vikernes and his pregnant wife were targeted because of his politically incorrect blogging. Police raided his house in the middle of the night and they broke the door open instead of knocking. Varg and wife were arrested. Her non-military style, legally owned weapons were seized and both of them had their “right” to own weapons revoked. Varg was accused of being a terrorist (that was quickly dropped due to the complete lack of evidence), they tried to expel him from the country (failed), custody of his biological children was challenged and he still faces trial for “racism and apology for war crimes and crimes against humanity”. Expenses were at least 20,000 Euros so far.

    Crime: Blogging about European politics and neo-paganism while mentioning race. As far as I know, he didn’t explicitly question the holocaust, but he may have talked about how it is used as leverage.

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  34. pnin1957 says:

    1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria over Jensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)

    The Wilson/sociobiology hubbub cannot be considered to be the same as the ”Jensenist”/IQ controversy. Wilson published Sociobiology: The New Synthesis only in 1975, and I don’t think he was a target for abuse by Lewontin, Gould, etc. before that. IIRC, it was Wilson who persuaded Harvard to hire Lewontin in the early 1970s.

    Some events missing from the list:

    – Rushton’s tribulations, e.g., being condemned by Ontario’s Premier

    – Barry Mehler’s successful campaign to deny Ray Cattell the APA Lifetime Achievement Award

    – the police investigation of Tatu Vanhanen

  35. pnin1957 says:

    These heretical academics have rarely lost their jobs despite furious campaigns against them by the academic establishment. Ironically, the strong protection against termination that tenured professors enjoy nowadays primarily benefits those hated by the left even though the protections were originally put in place mainly for the sake of communist and pacifist academics.

    • Handle says:

      That’s a good point. It also goes to show that the best insulating defenses, institutions, and counter-strike techniques are the same ones that the left finds most valuable and are reluctant to undermine even when it could snag them a huge prize, lest it come back to haunt them later.

      Then again, you would expect the Academy to respond to these frustrating setbacks by making it much harder to achieve tenure at the nation’s elite institutions without a long track record of demonstrated fealty to their ‘shared set of values’.

      And sense of whether that is, in fact, what we observe?

    • pnin1957 says:

      Indeed, the main effect of academic witch hunts is to “encourage the others.” Many results are never published and even more research questions are never pursued because people know that “wrong” findings may entail collegial ostracism, a drying up of funding, the denial of academic honors, etc., not to mention that if you publish such findings before tenure you may never get one. This is easy to see in a field like psychometrics where anonymous surveys show that the modal view among academics is that racial differences in IQ are substantially genetic, yet only a handful of researchers have gone on record with such views.

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  37. Lad says:

    came here via Chateau Heartiste and have a couple of comments (sorry have not read the full comment thread)

    Here are six more, though I’m not sure of the ultimate fallout in all cases. Some of these victims of liberal outrage-mongering are fairly well-protected. Adam Carolla and Mike Krahulik, for example, don’t work for corporations that can fire them or otherwise coerce them to leave their job.

    1. Orson Scott Card (Cancelled Project). In addition to Ender’s Game mentioned above, activists succeeded in getting DC comics to postpone a planned Superman graphic novel that Orson Scott Card was contracted to write.

    2. 26-JUN-2013 Mike Krahulik, artist at penny-arcade. (Threatened) http://www.wired.com/underwire/2013/06/pax-krahulik-transphobia/

    3. 20-AUG-2012 Father Benedict Groeschel, EWTN talk show host. (Purged) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/29/father-benedict-groeschel-teens-seduce-priests_n_1840900.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003

    (Granted, in this one, the guy was old, had legitimately misspoken and immediately apologized, but the knee-jerk outrage patter was the same and he was forced to step down)

    4. 3-MAY-2013 Adam Carolla (threatened). http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/05/adam-carolla-gavin-newsom_n_2814302.html

    5. 4-JUN-2013 Geoffrey Miller (threatened / university investigation over fat-shaming tweet) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/04/geoffrey-miller-fat-shaming-nyu-phd_n_3385641.html

    6. SEPT-2013 David Gilmour http://www.thewire.com/entertainment/2013/09/lit-professor-who-doesnt-teach-books-women-surprised-offends-people/69880/

  38. fluviant says:

    Regarding #41 on your list, and as a resident of the state of Maine, you would not believe just how many people in the state are against the recent influx of Somali immigrants (even the casual liberals — though this state is intrinsically “racist” to a degree despite leaning left). I never knew about that incident, but good on Mayor MacDonald for speaking out. It needed to be addressed.

    • Handle says:

      There seems to be some definite attempt to direct the darkest people from completely dysfunctional and violent ‘societies’ and the hottest and most equatorial parts of Africa into the coldest, whitest, and most law-abiding Northern states.

      Sudanese and Somalians and Rwandans into Minnesota, Maine, and Vermont.

      It’s like Diversity Shock Therapy. Or something. Anyone know, as Paul Harvey used to say, ‘the rest of the story’?

  39. Fidelio says:

    What about the great Enoch Powell, purged from Heath’s shadow cabinet in 1968, a year before this list starts? Maybe the first and greatest of the PC purges…

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  41. pnin1957 says:

    Frank Borzellieri was fired from his job as a Catholic school principal because of his association with American Renaissance.

  42. Jefferson says:

    The whole thing is a trap. There are going to be limits to speech because almost all human societies have them. Our current system is not robust enough to have free speech (I believe that Moldbug has made this, or similar points). We’ve more or less agreed that progressives don’t need to be sent to a penal colony, and we’re (most of us) not interested in revolution, so important minds need convincing, and the worst possible way to do that is to say “look at this racist being punished for racism.” I’m sure this is partly a generational thing, but many otherwise reasonable people really are allergic to racism; get the vapors, unfriend you on facebook for things that aren’t even racist, etc. There are already ways for smart people to talk about these sorts of subjects to other smart people with enough subtlety to be safe, and if we want to pick the folks to defend we should be defending progressives who cite the science and are punished (like Summers, Watson, etc.) because those are the fights that will win important people over to our cause. You want to denormalize coercion and guilt-by-association, but it’ll take a religion to do that (the 10 commandments have been kicking around for a little while, but a lot of them are still pretty normalized). This is picking a fight, and I don’t think it’s a fight we win. The boomers cared a lot about freedom of speech, amongst other libertarian ideals, and then raised a generation that doesn’t give a hoot about it.

    • ben tillman says:

      You’re really confused. There are going to be limits on speech because our rulers cannot rule in the light if truth. All of their authority is based on lies.

      As for picking a fight — what are you talking about?

  43. anonymous says:

    Edwina Currie, a British MP, was forced out by the egg industry in December 1988 for publicly stating that salmonella contamination was endemic in British hens; her statements were accurate.

  44. Philip Neal says:

    Powell, Currie. Serving politicians are usually sacked for a mixture of motives, and I would leave them out of this. Currie, a brassy self-publicist, did not defy orthodoxy; she merely said something politically inexpedient in the circumstances. Powell was a brilliant, complex man with unconventional views on a variety of subjects, and a threat to Heath’s leadership of the party. He correctly predicted in the 1960s that the non-white population of Britain would reach the millions by the next century, but his issue was immigration not race as such – his sympathies today would be with Vdare not Amren.

    More generally, I think the emphasis should be on incidents not individuals. The ousting of Lawrence Summers is a clear case of the thing we are talking about, yet I suspect that his views on most matters are those of the New York Times.

    For this reason, I have held back from suggesting Daniel Everett of Pirahã fame. He has certainly been denounced as a heretic (“I think from the point of view of—I don’t know—human solidarity, human rights, and so on, it’s really very important to know that it’s a question that many people don’t dare to raise, whether we have the same cognitive abilities or not, we humans.” Etc.) It is also true that he has been banned from the reservation which he himself helped the Pirahã acquire, but are the two facts related? The Brazilian Indian administration FUNAI is a distinctly politicised body and its motives are generally opaque. Academic rivalry, irritation with North America and a genuine concern for Indian welfare may also be factors.

    • Handle says:

      A lot of these cases are marginal or debatable. I’ve made a conscious decision to generally prefer errors of commission to omission, and people can research on their own. People can always make alternative lists elsewhere with categorization, ranking, etc.

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  46. Podsnap says:

    From Australia –
    Andrew Bolt Racial Discrimination Act prosecution – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Bolt
    Danny Naillah and the Catch the Fire case – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Nalliah
    ‘Julia’ a 13 year old girl – http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/05/25/16/17/girl-apologises-to-goodes-says-she-did-not-mean-to-be-racist
    Geoffrey Blainey and Asian immigration – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_Blainey

    Many, many more

  47. In the UK, people get arrested for twitter posts.

    ‘Arabists’ were purged by neocon Jews.


  48. VXXC says:

    The United States Military. Who are all either rapists or part of the rape culture that covers it up.
    There are 3 million, 470 thousand hits on google for “military rape culture cover up”.

    “Military Rape Culture” is a term of accusation like “racist” all in itself.

    The overarching political goal: females can’t approach male physical strength. Therefore Infantry and Special Operations are effectively barred to them. These branches run the Military, these are the Generals and Admirals with clout, power, prestige. Therefore the agenda of power trumps any moral residue

    I mean wow. Just..wow..



    It goes on and on and on…POWER, who, whom.

    • R7 Rocket says:

      And the Progressives think their empire will last forever…
      Ha! Trashing the legions! Does the Pajama Boy Court Eunuchs realize what they are doing? Oh well, the court favorites in other fallen empires didn’t realize their mistakes either.

  49. nooffensebut says:

    Multiple actions were taken against Cincinnati Reds CEO Marge Schott in the 1990’s with an April 20th, 1999 purge for racist statements against blacks and Asians and expressed sympathies for Hitler.

  50. FirkinRidiculous says:

    This is a real hodge-podge, but not a bad resource as far as it goes. Two that come to mind from British academia are Chris Brand and Frank Ellis. Then there was Larry Auster and Frontpage magazine.

  51. nooffensebut says:

    David Duke was “purged” from attending American Renaissance conferences for the last few years.

  52. ben tillman says:

    A few others:

    Michael Regan was assistant district attorney for Allegany County, NY — was purged in March 2006 for attending AmRen conference.

    Kevin Lamb was editor of Human Events – was purged in Jan/Feb 2005 because of his work for The Occidental Quarterly.

    Rush Limbaugh purged in October 2003 from his brief stint with Monday Night Football because of “racist” comments about Randall Cunningham.

  53. nooffensebut says:

    Senator Trent Lott.

  54. FirkinRidiculous says:

    On the Holocaust revisionism front, one can mention a whole list: Faurisson, Garaudy, Abbe Pierre, Rudolf, Toben, Zundel, Butz, Doug Collins, Roques, Varela,

  55. nooffensebut says:

    Janeane Garofalo was purged from The Majority Report for defending Scientology and comparing it to Judaism, which offended the Jewish host, Sam Seder.

    Randi Rhodes was purged from Air America for calling Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton whores in 2008.

  56. Noah Simon says:

    there are quite a few people on that list who I’d like to see purged a few more time. Ted Rall and Pat Buchanan were immediately thought of

  57. nooffensebut says:

    Day Above Ground was wiped out of existence for the “Asian Girlz” song and video.

    Sharron Angle lost her Nevada senatorial race partly for saying some Hispanics “look a little more Asian to me.”

  58. nooffensebut says:

    Tila Tequila was purged from Facebook for posting an image of herself dressed as a Nazi in front of Auschwitz with accompanying expressions of sympathy for Hitler.

    Carrie Prejean lost Miss USA 2009 for opposing gay marriage.

    GinaMarie Zimmerman lost her pageant consultant job for anti-black racism on Big Brother.

    Aaryn Gries lost her modeling agency contract for anti-black and anti-Asian racism and saying queer on Big Brother.

  59. nooffensebut says:

    Oncology researcher Kathy Albain was accused of “racial medical profiling” in an editorial of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by Otis Brawley of the American Cancer Society and an editorial in Time by journalist Catherine Elton for linking sex hormones to racial disparities in cancer mortality on July 15th, 2009.

  60. nooffensebut says:

    In 2007 and 2009, Rod Lea was attacked in editorials for saying on August 9th, 2006 that MAOA-3R makes Maori “more aggressive and violent and more likely to get involved in risk-taking behaviour like gambling” and “has implications suggesting links with criminality among Maori people” because MAOA-3R “predisposes people to be more likely to be criminals…” This led to the spread of multiple falsehoods about MAOA by Steven Pinker, Adrian Raine, John Hawks, John Horgan and others.

  61. Harry Baldwin says:

    You forgot Al Campanis who lost his job in 1987 for saying “[Blacks] may not have some of the necessities to be, let’s say, a field manager, or, perhaps, a general manager.”

    Lawrence Auster was purged from Front Page, where he had been a regular contributor, as a result of comments he made about race on his blog View From the Right.

  62. Harry Baldwin says:

    After making some pungent comments about immigrant arsonists torching cars, French intellectual Alain Finkielkraut was forced to grovel.

    Also in France, Brigitte Bardot has been put on trial for criticizing Muslims.

    • Handle says:

      Bardot! Yes, now I remember!

    • Handle says:

      And speaking of Bardot, that reminds me, what about Oriana Fallaci!

    • Cloudswrest says:

      From La Wik:
      On 10 June 2004, Bardot was again convicted by a French court for “inciting racial hatred” and fined €5,000, the fourth such conviction and fine from a French court.[36] Bardot denied the racial hatred charge and apologized in court, saying: “I never knowingly wanted to hurt anybody. It is not in my character.”[37]

      In 2008, Bardot was convicted of inciting racial/religious hatred in relation to a letter she wrote, a copy of which she sent to Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Interior Minister of France. The letter stated her objections to Muslims in France ritually slaughtering sheep by slitting their throats without anesthetizing them first. She also said, in reference to Muslims, that she was “fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its habits”. The trial[38] concluded on 3 June 2008, with a conviction and fine of €15,000, the largest of her fines to date. The prosecutor stated that she was tired of charging Bardot with offences related to racial hatred.[6]

  63. Harry Baldwin says:

    FOX Sports Southwest commentator Craig James was fired for saying gay people “would answer to the Lord for their actions,” and being gay was a choice. (Remarks he made before being hired, oddly enough.)

    ESPN fired the employee who wrote the “Chink in his armor” line about Jeremy Lin.

    “Washington, DC’s black Mayor, Anthony Williams, gladly accepted the resignation of his white staff member, David Howard, because Mr. Howard uttered the word ‘niggardly’ in a private staff meeting.” Howard was later rehired.

  64. M. M. says:

    Heartiste shouldn’t be included until purged. May happen, but let’s not play the victim game. Until now it’s just a tweet by some tech nitwit that quite possibly hasn’t a say on purges at wordpress. Else, keep up the good york.

  65. nooffensebut says:

    Someone took issue with Bruce Lahn’s research on the genetics of brain size prior to the decision to grant tenure, so he quit IQ research.

  66. fnn says:


    John Casteel of Newport has resigned as Jackson County Republican chair. This spares the state Republican Party of having to act on Chairman Doyle Webb’s vow to seek his removal by the party executive committee for his “pro-white” views as a long time member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a successor to the White Citizens Council with a long history of incendiary views on race. Casteel had earlier refused to quit the group.

    From the GOP:

    Today, Mr. John Casteel officially resigned as Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Committee.

    “Mr. Casteel told me he felt his resignation is in the best interest of the Party because of his involvement with the Council of Conservative Citizens,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb.“We appreciate Mr. Casteel’s past service to the party and efforts to build a Republican presence in Jackson County.”

    In accordance with party rules, First Vice Chairman of the Jackson County Committee will establish a date for committee members to elect a new county chairman.

  67. Wow. Just wow. says:

    John Rocker, back when he was pitching for the Braves, said some hilariously true things about New York and New Yorkers in an interview with one Jeff Pearlman for Sports Illustrated. People took offense.

    It’s the most hectic, nerve-racking city. Imagine having to take the [Number] 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you’re [riding through] Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing.

    Pearlman converted the 10 hours he spent with Rocker into a 2 page chronicle of the half dozen OUTRAGEOUS (ie funny and on-point) statements the guy made. For that Rocker “was suspended without pay for the remainder of spring training and the first 28 games of the 2000 season, which on appeal was reduced to 14 games (without a spring-training suspension).” So, not so bad. But these people have no sense of humor.

    The December 1999 interview, Read it.
    A reddit AMA from last August. (Still no sense of humor.)

  68. Steve Sailer says:

    The Dixie Chicks got in all sorts of career trouble for opposing the Iraq Attaq.

  69. Steve Sailer says:

    It would be a lot of work, but you could turn this into a table with each incident a row and columns for “Lost Job,” “Investigated by Police,” “Prosecuted,” type of offense, and so forth.

    • Handle says:

      Yes, I intend to do exactly this. I just need life to create a little bubble of time for me.

      This post turned out to generate a lot more interest than I thought. Obviously it strikes a nerve, so it’s worth the effort.

  70. Lurker says:

    Linked to you from Majorityrights.com

  71. Lurker says:

    I’ve got a British example, don’t know if it fits your parameters:

    A school principal purged for saying the wrong things about multiculturalism:


    This while under the supposedly right-wing tenure of Margaret Thatcher as PM.

  72. Andie Freud says:

    Marcus Epstein, evidently blown off the face of the earth, for a drunken slap fight on the street in Georgetown. I don’t know if intoxication is a legitimate defense, but I was involved in several similar dustups in Gtown when I was in my twenties, but I didn’t get caught, and, more to the point, I didn’t work for Pat Buchanan and Tom Tancredo. Poor guy probably thought he was off-duty or something, then, ton of bricks. I hope he’s doing OK. There, but for the grace of God, go I…

  73. AWC says:

    Other people purged from National Review in (mostly 1990s): Edwin Rubenstein, Peter Brimelow, Thomas Fleming, Steve Sailer, Paul Gottfried….

    You’d have to email them all to get the dates.

  74. AWC says:

    The very first person purged from National Review might have been Revilo Oliver in 1960:



    • AWC says:

      Actually it might have been a little later, around 65 or so. The article doesn’t exactly say.

    • fnn says:

      Nah, there were NR purges before that:


      ….And so the purges began. One after another, Buckley and National Review purged and excommunicated all the radicals, all the non-respectables. Consider the roll-call: isolationists (such as John T. Flynn), anti-Zionists, libertarians, Ayn Randians, the John Birch Society, and all those who continued, like the early National Review, to dare to oppose Martin Luther King and the civil rights revolution after Buckley had changed and decided to embrace it. But if, by the middle and late 1960s, Buckley had purged the conservative movement of the genuine right, he also hastened to embrace any group that proclaimed its hard anti-communism, or rather anti-Sovietism or anti-Stalinism.

      I think Justin Raimondo is the reatest living expert on Nnational Review purges.

  75. nooffensebut says:

    DC aide David Howard on January 15th, 1999 used the n-word, niggardly, and promptly resigned.

    Kramer used a different n-word. I heard that he was tortured and necklaced, but he was allowed on the Seinfeld reunion on a very special episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  76. AWC says:

    SPLC purged Jared Taylor from translator job via State Dept (2011):


    In 2006 SPLC tried to purge Kevin MacDonald from teaching job but couldn’t because of tenure:


  77. Wallflower says:

    2005: Thomas Klocek, fired from his teaching post at DePaul University because he stood up for Israel in a discussion with eight Muslim students who accused him of “belligerent and menacing behavior”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Klocek

  78. Percy Gryce says:

    One of the granddaddy PC victims: Murray Dolfman at University of Pennsylvania:


    • Handle says:

      That reminds me, I think the “bohemath” “water buffalo” guy was also at UPenn. I bet FIRE has a good repository of egregious campus PC cases too.

  79. beortheold says:

    2003: Bjorn Lomborg investigated for “Scientific Dishonesty” by the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty:

  80. Troy says:

    There are a lot of cases of teachers — who can observe firsthand cognitive differences — being silenced or punished for un-PC statements or behavior. See, e.g., Scott Phelps: http://www.vdare.com/articles/the-case-of-the-truth-telling-but-racially-incorrect-teacher , and this anonymous essay describing the author’s persecution in education school: http://www.nas.org/articles/Achievement_Gap_Politics . There may be other examples mentioned on EducationRealist’s blog; I’m not sure.

  81. VXXC says:

    Janitor reading book “Notre Dame vs the Klan” on how the Irish beat the KKK in a 1924 riot. Now he was disciplined but not “purged”. He got an apology for reading the [anti] racist book, but he was vilifed and put through an ordeal.


    *you know when you’re dumb enough to accuse someone that way, surely you have some clue you are that dumb? I’m reading Up From Slavery. Maybe I should put it in a paper bag?

  82. Full-Fledged Fiasco says:

    “In “one of the most celebrated academic freedom cases in United States history”, Ross was fired from Stanford because of his political views. He objected to Chinese immigrant labor (on both economic and racial grounds – he was an early supporter of the “Race Suicide” doctrine, and expressed his hatred of other races in strong and crude language in public speeches). This position was at odds with the university’s founding family, the Stanfords, who had made their fortune in Western rail construction – a major employer of Chinese laborers. Ross had also made critical remarks about the railroad industry in his classes, saying “A railroad deal is a railroad steal.” This was too much for Leland Stanford’s widow, who was on the board of trustees of the university. Numerous professors at Stanford resigned after protests of his dismissal, sparking “a national debate… concerning the freedom of expression and control of universities by private interests.” The American Association of University Professors was founded largely in response to this incident.


  83. Chip Smith says:

    Don’t forget David Cole and the Heretical Two. Both very serious cases of actual persecution involving death threats and jail time. David Irving was locked up, too.

  84. FirkinRidiculous says:

    A biggie was the Waldhein affair. Paul Findley’s book, They Dare to Speak Out, would be a fruitful source.

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  86. Harry Baldwin says:

    The recently deceased conservative radio host Bob Grant was driven from radio station WABC by a campaign mounted by the left-wing pressure group FAIR.

    UCLA student Alexandra Wallace left school under a barrage of criticism and threats after she posted a YouTube video in which she complained about Asian students using cell phones and talking loudly in the campus library.

    An Ohio teacher, Gil Voigt, was suspended without pay after a black student claimed he said “The nation doesn’t need another black president.” Voigt says he actually said the country couldn’t afford another president like Barack Obama.

    I know this is local, but it is these types of incidents that don’t rise to the level of national news that have created an oppressive climate in this country.

  87. Cloudswrest says:

    The “Heretical Two”, Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle (pen name Luke O’Farrell). Charged, prosecuted and convicted in the U.K. for “Inciting Racial Hatred” for their racial activism and web sites (hosted in the US). Fled to US seeking asylum, with was denied. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Sheppard_(activist)

  88. Khazar Cretin says:

    James Keegstra and Nicholas Kollerstrom as well

  89. Khazar Cretin says:

    David Ahenakew was harrassed for speaking frankly about Jews, Douglas Christie, an officer of the Canadian court, was denied the right to speak in the Canadian parliament, the only instance of this happening as far as I know.

  90. Khazar Cretin says:

    Helen Thomas for standing up to the khazars and proclaiming herself a semite when they called her an anti semite as well

  91. Khazar Cretin says:

    Norman Finkelstein too at DePaul, for busting up the holocaust narrative and criticizing what else, but Israel

  92. Khazar Cretin says:

    Tracy Morgan as well, sorry for so many comments, just typing them as I remember. I guess you could put Katt Williams on the list too. Also the guy from Public Enemy who publicly denounced jews.

  93. Uncle Elmer says:

    Elmer, 2013, banned from commenting at Salon. Entire ribald comment database deleted.

    • Dan says:

      Yes, does anyone know why Steyn has gone silent at N.R.? His libel case is happening presently. Did the judge tell him to put a lid on things while the case is deliberating? Is he working on a book, or skiing somewhere?

      I don’t think it is a proper purging because Steyn is not one to go quietly into that good night. If he was being purged I presume we would know.

      • Handle says:

        I don’t know, Steyn is very popular, valuable, and careful. He’s just not in the same ballpark of ‘problematic writer’ as Derbyshire et al.

        I think the case is turning out to be more difficult, and is consuming more of his time and National Review’s and CEI’s resources, than any of them originally anticipated.

        For instance, he’s recently had to get himself some new lawyers.

      • jamesd127 says:

        Yes, does anyone know why Steyn has gone silent at N.R.

        It is the nature of censorship to censor the fact of censorship. To fire Steyn for free speech advocacy would be profoundly embarrassing. To allow him to continue to advocate free speech would also be profoundly embarrassing. The remaining solutions are to pay him for not writing articles, or to murder him. Probably, pay him for not writing articles.

  94. Chip Smith says:

    No on has mentioned the pressure brought against Judith Levine’s publisher after her book Harmful to Minors was released, so I will.

    In the same vein, don’t forget the Rind study, which led to congressional investigations and the usual nonsense.



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  96. Pingback: Anonymous

  97. Calvin P. says:

    Steve Sailer mentioned above that getting rid of tenured professors is difficult, of course the enemies of research which isn’t quite “PC” try and try and try again:

  98. Pingback: The purged - Barrel Strength

    • Dan says:

      I have no idea what “Editor and Publisher” is. That article was posted May 4, 2011 but it must have been written almost twenty years ago.

      Mike Royko, the famed Tribune columnist, died in 1997 at the age of 64. He pissed off Mexicans and caused minor riots the year before, with an article like the one mentioned.

      Royko was never purged, according to his obituary:

      “Rokyo didn’t apologize and continued to write whatever he pleased. ”

      In fact he wrote a sarcastic follow-up, before moving on to other things.

      • Handle says:

        Right. On the other hand, Royko’s stuff was written in the last days of an era that’s probably gone. I don’t think it would have played out the same today.

      • But he was bullied and pressured.

      • Steve Sailer says:

        I can remember thinking when I heard that Royko had died that he’d gotten out of this world alive.

      • fnn says:

        Royko was a Chicago institution. No one remotely like him exists today-anywhere. In any case, the “Mexican” controversy occurred near the very end of a very long career-his daily column began in 1964. His reputation as a mean, nasty drunk would have killed his career many years earlier were it not for his great talent and the liberalism he almost always expressed in his columns.

  99. D says:

    During the BP oil spill,the Obama admin hired some physicist names Katz, then promptly got rid of him after learning of his views on race.

  100. Pingback: On Triggers and Bullies | Free Northerner

  101. Cloudswrest says:

    Given today’s date another just occurred to me. January 2010 – “Mike Greenberg” on ESPN whereupon he accidentally uttered the Freudian slip, “Martin Luther Coon”. Forced to grovel and apologize. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/18/mike-greenberg-mlk-gaffe_n_427558.html Curiously this incident is missing from his Wikipedia entry. One would think an incident like this would be a permanent Human Stain, so to speak. I wonder if his ethnicity has anything to do with this?

    • Handle says:

      It’s amazing how many of these stories are found in Huffington Post links.

      Heh, it reminds me of Biden’s ‘Gaffe’ about Obama in 2007:

      “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

      To me, it’s clear he meant to say ‘clean-cut’. He later tried to walk it back and say that is was his grandmother’s expression ‘clean as a whistle and sharp as a tack’.

      Of course, you can’t praise a particular black man as particularly better than the rest in some way because it implies the rest don’t always share that quality, which is clearly racist. ‘What are you saying, that other black people are dirty?!’

      Everything can be taken the wrong way if you really want to.

  102. michaelseville says:

    Brilliant, brilliant list. Well done.

  103. fnn says:

    Lou Dobbs was definitely purged-but he made out well financially:


    CNN was so sick of Lou Dobbs, it gave him an $8 million severance package to leave, The Post has learned. “They wanted him out,” according to a source.

    Dobbs, who a source said had a year and a half to go on his $12 million contract, shocked viewers last Wednesday by announcing he was quitting. CNN boss Jonathan Klein and Dobbs, 64, had been publicly feuding over the kind of reporting Dobbs was doing on his show — especially stories about illegal immigration and the anti-Obama “birther” movement, which contends the president was not born in Hawaii and is not an American citizen.

    But it was not clear until now that CNN was willing to pay Dobbs so much money to leave.

    “What they do is their business,” Dobbs said yesterday. “I tried to accommodate them as best I could, but I’ve said for many years now that neutrality is not part of my being.”

  104. VXXC says:

    D’Nesh DiSouza – conservative -‘2016: Obama’s America’ Filmmaker Indicted for Violating Campaign Finance Laws. Just a routine review of the enemies list.


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  115. yo semen-y says:

    The Sterling tape is altered. It contains bits that were performed presumably in a studio.

  116. Erik says:

    John Olin seems to be a high-water mark in purging so far, as he appears to have been purged for questioning the purges.

    • jamesd127 says:

      Next high water mark. Member of the elite purged for insufficient support for purging. Donald Trump was threatened with this, and therefore redoubled his support.

  117. Miguel says:

    I think Handle’s Haus should include Hans Eysenck in his list: Punched, bomb threats, threats to kill his children… (@Biopoliticas)

    “By far the most acrimonious of the debates has been that over the role of genetics in IQ differences, which led to Eysenck being punched on the nose by a female protestor during a talk at the London School of Economics,[14] as well as bomb threats, and threats to kill his young children.[15] This opposition came when he supported Arthur Jensen’s questioning of whether variation in IQ between racial groups was entirely environmental.”


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  122. Many of these people were held accountable for things they said/did. The First Amendment protects us from laws being made restrict ring freedom of religion, press and/or free speech. What is doesn’t protect people from is how their employers or society at large responds to hateful, bigoted, sexist things they said.

    • Handle says:

      And who said otherwise? What are you arguing against? You’ve missed the point. Perceiving the rules that control the federal government as the beginning and end of this issue is a grave but alas completely typical error.

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  126. InOtherNews says:

    Metropolitan Opera’s upcoming performances of John Adams’s opera The Death of Klinghoffer, based on the true story of the hijacking by Palestinian militants of the cruise ship Achille Lauro, has had its simulcast cancelled, thanks to the ADL’s Abe Foxman and various others who are concerned of the opera’s alleged “anti-Semitic” nature.


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  128. Virtue says:

    Ashutosh Jogalekar, blogger for Scientific American, was recently fired for favorably reviewing A Troublesome Inheritance.

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  135. Korth says:

    Professor Stuart S. Nagel commited suicide because of an anonymous accusation of racism and workplace violence that resulted in an internal investigation and two federal trials: http://www.mindingthecampus.com/2007/09/the_hidden_impact_of_political/

  136. Candide III says:

    Here’s a fresh one: Bill Frezza, Forbes columnist (excuse TP link). Original Forbes article is here.

  137. Atavisionary says:

    Hey handle, here is another. Forbes contributor fired for calling out irresponsible women:


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  139. Charles says:

    Everyone loves itt whenever peple get together andd share thoughts.
    Great blog, eep it up!

  140. CE says:

    Andrew Fraser, purged in Australia for warning about African crime:


  141. CE says:

    Scott McConnel, fired from the New York Post in 1997.

  142. CE says:

    Frank Lyga, purged for thoughtcrime from the LAPD. 10-22-2014


  143. Ivy says:

    I had the misfortune of seeing proto-PC in the early years, courtesy of a few teachers. While most were terrific, and taught me a lot, a few couldn’t help themselves. They criticized and shamed high school students that had the audacity to think and speak differently than they did. The good news is that they were only a few in number in those days, so I’m glad that I escaped with my psyche intact.
    That also helped prepare me for the college silliness, where a few more teachers got into the act. It was easy to drop a class if they signaled their intentions early enough, so I did. Others were more benign, and the fortunate few actually encouraged independent thought and the notion of collecting the facts for a dispassionate, objective analysis. For that, I thank them.
    I saw more of that upon joining the working world, where PC was ramping up. That era saw numerous idiotic promotions for unqualified diversity candidates while patently more qualified, and competent, people were ignored or shunted to less desirable positions. That was enough for me to go full-meritocratic, where independent effort and responsibility could be acknowledged. There are still some pockets of resistance to PC, where people don’t drink the KoolAid, or otherwise kowtow to mind control.
    Keep fighting for what is right, not what is expedient.

  144. Aeoli Pera says:

    A guy I collaborate with had his site taken down because it was about anthropology-based phrenology. Among the neanderthal-asperger’s theory crowd, he was the least crazy of us. Goes by “polymath” on the interwebz and in this (tiny) comment thread.

    How much detail do you need? Does this qualify?


    (Happened maybe a day or two before I published this post.)

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  147. Candide III says:

    Robert R. Jennings, Lincoln U. president, black, purged for insufficient feminism (resigned on November 24)

  148. Cloudswrest says:

    Walter Lewin, physics Professor emeritus at MIT. A sort of Feynman light. MIT just stripped his title and removed a series of online, well liked, lucid physics lectures of his because of an un specified online sexual harassment complaint. Book burning anyone? Google news search “Walter Lewin” – lots of hits.

  149. D says:

    From approximately November 2014: Brendan O’Neill, a left libertarian, was invited to a debate on the side of pro-choice (against a pro-life debater). O’Neill and the debate was shut down by feminists (because O’Neill was a man, so much for male allies, lulz): http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11239437/Oxford-students-shut-down-abortion-debate.-Free-speech-is-under-assault-on-campus.html

    Here is O’Neill’s long rant about the current state of liberalism: http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9376232/free-speech-is-so-last-century-todays-students-want-the-right-to-be-comfortable/

    Note that O’Neill is a former communist, and also possibly still a marxist accelerationist (he is part of the Spiked Online group), so it is unknown if there is some sort of deeper deception going on here. Not that his intent should matter, so much as the actions and consequences of the left.

    Here is one from December 2014 that is still ongoing: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/mark-tapson/daniel-mael-badge-of-courage-at-brandeis/

    tl;dr Student named Daniel Mael outs hyperleftist student’s tweets who celebrated NYPD cops being shot, while also agitating for violence. Leftists threaten Mael’s family, and students start rallying around the leftist. More here from John McAdam’s blog (who is currently entry 205 in Nov 2014): http://mu-warrior.blogspot.com/2014/12/blaming-messinger-for-outing-bigoted.html

  150. CE says:


    On December 1 2014 Republican congressional staffer Elizabeth Lauten “resigned” after noticing rather typical teenage behavior from Malia and Sasha Obama. You can thank Congressman Stephen Fincher for this, who didn’t dispute the factual accuracy of what Lauten said but that she would dare say it. Apparently the first family, as if they are royalty, should be “off limits” to criticism. There are bigger problems in American than the first daughters making faces, but noticing it shouldn’t be a fire-able offense.

  151. P says:

    You don’t mention Omar Mahmood who published a satire on leftist victimism in a conservative student newspaper, causing him to be fired from another student newspaper for creating a “hostile environment.” This is discussed in Chait’s PC piece.

  152. Pingback: Why are there no conservative comedians? | Atavisionary

  153. Handle I’m attempting to build a database in the same ballpark to translate this into something meaningful and for decision making for NRx. That is if NRx can maintain decent ethical standards and not be destructive. It’s a pet project and I’ve just been throwing it around.

    Email me if interested

  154. Pingback: The Neoreactionary Inquisition | Atavisionary

  155. Joe says:

    Might it also be useful to present a contrasting list of SJWs who were able to get away with ridiculous stuff *without* getting fired? Examples: Bahar Mustafa, Sabrina Erdely.

  156. Cloudswrest says:

    Here’s a new one today. Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug) removed as speaker at Strange Loop tech conference. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CGrMPSmWwAA27vo.png:large

  157. Philip Neal says:

    Nobel laureate Sir Tim Hunt FRS, for telling a joke against himself. 11 June 2015.

  158. Pingback: Freedom and Private Government | More Right

  159. Joe says:

    Bora Zivkovic, from February, and still not on this list. I’ll bet you could dig up more by finding press releases for these ones and searching for the keywords used in them on Twitter etc. I actually think it’s potentially pretty worthwhile maintain this list. Or at least put at the top of the page that although you are still soliciting comments, you aren’t making the list as comprehensive as you could (re: 239). For example, one could contact all these people individually and get them on the same mailing list, or the same conference, or something.

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  161. Jacob says:

    A fallacy here made is the idea that these people are by default right simply because they are not pc. I need to take it on a case by case basis, which you are not doing.
    Some of these people have said truly horrible things, some have regretted it, and mention boycotts on this list forgets that it is an American value:
    This link explains the hypocrisy.

    • Handle says:

      Sure. But so what? It seems to me you are failing to grasp the game-theoretic logic behind defending what we call a ‘right’, which puts certain matters beyond the scope of cost-benefit or right-wrong debate, and thus by unavoidable necessity encompasses human action that falls on the foul side of any particular line of propriety anyone may wish to draw. Mutual and reciprocal tolerance is a kind of solution to a social coordination problem that cannot perform its function in preserving civil norms of restraint regarding policing of behavior, if it is at all dependent on the specific details of each case. Otherwise, such debates can and will always be resolved in the direction of the prevailing ideological fashions, which defines the condition of an absence of rights against the mob. There is no such thing as a philosophically objective procedure to determine clear and correct boundaries on matters of degree and continuous gradations. The only possible stable arrangement is to settle on a low-complexity abstract principle that reflects an instinctive, intuitive consensus and also minimizes the initiation of disputes and the natural human impulse for struggles for status and domination.

      And, inevitably, that means refraining in almost all circumstances from picking fights trying to crush people for saying or doing certain things – even if you know they’re bad people and you think they’re really wrong. A justification for such policing of expressions of sentiment should be much closer to the legal standard of self-defense, and the imminent threat of significant destruction or injury.

      The point of the (retired) list is to demonstrate the reality of the de-facto PC inquisition that is inherently incompatible with the preservation of those useful and important – not to mention humane civil norms. It doesn’t matter if any inquisition occasionally snatches up a few genuine sinners, the whole enterprise is inescapably fraught with peril for the preservation of a certain kind of pleasant and functional society where notions such as ‘mind your own business’ and ‘live-and-let-live’ can survive.

  162. WowJustWow says:

    Can you add Hulk Hogan? I think we’ve hit a new milestone. Now Big Brother is watching you… in bed.

    • That was a funny one, wasn’t it. He got in trouble not for being in bed with his friend’s wife, but for the things he said there.

    • jdgalt says:

      That would appear to be another “both sides wrong” case. Yes, Gawker should have respected Hogan’s privacy — but for Thiel to sponsor the suit for the purpose of putting Gawker out of business for his own unrelated personal reasons certainly makes Thiel guilty of getting people fired for speech, too.

      • Erik says:

        Gawker disrespected Hogan’s privacy in a way that was not only bullying and badgering, but criminal, as found by a jury that did not include Thiel, in a lawsuit not brought by Thiel. Blaming Thiel for “sponsoring” this by covering part of Hogan’s legal fees seems a false equivalence, like blaming a gas station for fueling the car that ran over your dog.

  163. César Tort says:

    Reblogged this on Addendum.

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  167. Drive Them Before You says:


    Curt Shilling tweets about muslim extremist, is purged from his ESPN commentary job. Initially stands strong, then folds.

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  171. Please add French weatherman Phillipe Verdier, purged for writing a climate skeptic book.

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  176. Londi says:

    How come Razib Khan’s firing from the New York Times doesn’t seem to be on here?

  177. One correction: #28. Niallah and Scot were persecuted in Victoria, Australia, not Victoria, Canada.

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