140 Years Ago

The substance of what I have to say to the disadvantage of the theory and practice of universal suffrage is that it tends to invert what I should have regarded as the true and natural relation between wisdom and folly. I think that wise and good men ought to rule those who are foolish and bad. To say that the sole function of the wise and good is to preach to their neighbours, and that everyone indiscriminately should be left to do what he likes, and should be provided with a rateable share of the sovereign power in the shape of a vote, and that the result of this will be the direction of power by wisdom, seems to me to be the wildest romance that ever got possession of any considerable number of minds.

Fitzjames Stephens, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, 1874.

UPDATE, 140 Minutes Ago:

I have many times made it clear that I view myself as an obituarist for my country, not a campaigner or a political activist. After the utter failure of my attempt to influence politics at the last election  (when millions of conservative patriots voted for the Conservative Party that hates and despises them, so saving that ghastly organisation from what would otherwise have been certain doom), I have abandoned any serious hope of making any difference. It goes deeper than that. Over many years of presenting conservative and patriotic arguments in public places, I have found that it is becoming harder and harder to do so, not easier. The overwhelming bias of our culture, media and schools towards the ideas and beliefs of the left has produced three generations to whom my beliefs are now actually shocking.

So I have decided that telling the truth must be its own reward.  As I have often stated here, what we do here matters somewhere else, often in ways we cannot see at the time. This applies to evil deeds and to good ones.

Peter Hitchens, 30-DEC-2013.

Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to 140 Years Ago

  1. VXXC says:

    And yet, it Quacks.

    Handle there are no wise and good men within light years of power that can be trusted with the kind of power the credentialed ones already have over the vast multitude. No one elected these millions who watch and regulate every aspect of our lives. The multitude has no power. The credentialed DO. And what do they use it for?

    * To degrade us with porn and violence, as well as moronic stupidity at every media venue
    * To tax , regulate everyone productive until they are one way or another under the thumb of power
    * To make more laws then men can actually count
    * To rapaciously plunge the nation and the world into a bankruptcy that will surely lead to Civil and probably world war.
    * To force us to pay for and send our children to schools to program them to be semi-educated drones steeped in vice and cynicism before they come of age, all the while filling them with delusional levels of self-esteem.
    * to ruin the young with debt and call it a university education.
    * To destroy the economy every way they can and profit obscenely from the destruction.
    * To subsidize the destructive habits of the very worst among the evil and folly filled multitude, to use their media as noted in point one to fill them with feral and destructive rage. To privilege them as a group then when they begin to take their liberties they are encouraged so …make of them a prison class.
    * To do all the Harm in their power they dare do…the only reason they do not make of us as their living God Stalin did is they are afraid of our arms, and no mostly defunct piece of parchment.

    No one elected these people, and the people we do elect have almost no power. You know this as do all reading, yet why blame the people?

    The good and wise men would be coming from a class of nihilists like the world has never seen.

    As to universal suffrage I’m against it, and would formally limit the vote to local voting boards who determine who can vote. Your neighbors know you best.

    This is all irrelevant in any case. FDR agreed with the gentleman above and quite relieved us [brilliantly] of our democracy 80 years ago. Blaming the very patricians whom he had made Optimates and de facto Lords. Mind you he summoned the American Army in waiting….the Dissenters… to do it.

    Why on the eve of 2014 do you joust at dead men and windmills?

    As to what follows, the People may be foolish, they are universally betrayed by their Tribunes, but they are not malignant nihilists. And our Brahmins are ever more with every generation the last 50 years.

    No, I will not be ruled by Pajama Boys. Nor suffer the people I’m sworn to defend to be under such a morally feral, personally vile and physically craven class of Pajama Boys as Lords.

    Happy 2014.

  2. Toddy Cat says:

    Never give in, never give up, never quit fighting. You never know how close you actually are to victory. I well remember how invincible the USSR looked – right up until the moment it collapsed. Fighting the good fight is never in vain.

    May God grant us a happy, prosperous, and victorious 2014.

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