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Review of “The Rise of China vs. The Logic of Strategy” by Edward Luttwak

Edward Luttwak is an extremely impressive individual who has led a profoundly interesting life.  I won’t bore you here with his extensive biography except to say briefly that he’s a geopolitical and military strategist, analyst, and adviser by trade (well, … Continue reading

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Contracting but Corruscating Elysia

Bruce Charlton asks how, and with what pace, the West goes down, and Mangan comments. To know the answer, at least in America, it helps if you born in a place during the last phase of its legacy, post-WWII normalcy, … Continue reading

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Robert Moldbug Kaus (1979)

Mickey Kaus is one of my favorite columnists.  I read Kausfiles for a decade before he left Slate to make a Quixotic run for the Senate in a bid to expand the Overton window with regards to immigration and the … Continue reading

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Raising Reaction – Discussion Forum

Over at Foseti’s place, there’s a little discussion going on in the comments which is more abstract and very tangential to his specific subject of Mandela and Progressive Chaos.  So I thought it would be best to move it over … Continue reading

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A Chink In The Armor

The progressives want their cities back.  They’ll look the other way to get them. New NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio, that old supporter of Sandanista Communists (hardly alone among his contemporary peers on that score), has appointed star law enforcement chief … Continue reading

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Purchasing Power

Interpret at will.  Today, domestic oil consumption represents about 4% of the US GDP, so while a key input to the overall economy, not a great proxy for overall inflation.  Instead, I think this metric (or perhaps its first derivative) … Continue reading

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Reaction Ruckus

Goodness, what a lot of noise lately!   Everyone is trying to explain Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment.  A confusing mess if you ask me.  I’ll put my two cents in as well, eventually. But I’ve been working and traveling a … Continue reading

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Feminism Is Dead

Good for Camille Paglia, who is apparently allowed to say what everybody knows without losing her job: … There’s a directness and a robustness about working-class men–a vitality and authenticity that is not coming across in these feminist books. The more … Continue reading

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy is Trayvon Benjamin Martin. I’ve read plenty lately about the 50th Anniversary of the martyrdom and assassination of JFK.  It all started with that ridiculous article in the NYT, which merely sought to counter the facts with … Continue reading

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1. Dr Cochran has some data on college majors at the Cathedral: Harvard [2009] is different. They had 758 kids majoring in economics, 495 in government, 306 in social studies, 290 in psychology, 247 in English, 236 in history, 158 … Continue reading

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